Why should you hire a life coach?

lifestyle coach

As a life coach, I aid my clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. Whether you struggle with food, body image, relationships or loving yourself, I can help you. As a Life coach I can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies together […]

How to create food freedom

food freedom

What does food freedom even mean? Food freedom means to feel completely free around food  (no sh*t!). But there’s a reason why I titled this ‘how to create food freedom’. Because you don’t find it, you create it for yourself to fit you, your lifestyle and your idea of food freedom. So let me ask you a […]

How to stop emotional eating

emotional eating

Are you an emotional eater? Do you eat to feel better or relieve stress? Do you eat because that bowl if ice cream is the highlight of your day? Do you eat when you’re happy to exaggerate that happy feeling? Do you eat when you’re sad or upset/angry to comfort yourself? Do you eat when […]

How to stop binge eating

Food freedom

What exactly is binge eating disorder? Binge eating is compulsively eating large amounts of food in a short period of time. These episodes are followed by feelings of guilt, disgust, and depression. For an official diagnosis, this has to occur at least once a week for at least three months. Millions of people suffer from […]

Why I’m not an intuitive eating coach…

intuitive eating

Ok, so what is intuitive eating? Intuitive Eating is a non-diet approach developed to help people who have issues around food – from any type of disordered eating and orthorexia – to chronic dieting. Your body is the most knowledgeable nutritionist there is and your body is way smarter than your mind! Intuitive Eating allows […]

The secret to a healthy body image​

food freedom coach

The secret to a healthy body image​ A body confidence coach helps you to improve your body image and end the self-hate circle that you are in. Low body confidence and self-esteem usually coincides with dieting and binge eating which is actually the root cause of the whole diet and binge cycle, to begin with.  If you were happy […]

What is body image coaching?

4 steps to better body image

https://youtu.be/QrU-Unf1QyM Do you hate your body? Do you dread looking in the mirror or do you spend ages in front of the mirror picking yourself apart every day? Or maybe you switch between the two? I use to waste so much time zooming in on all the things I didn’t like about my body, poking, […]

How to stop binge eating at night

night time eating

You’re so ”good” all day and then the night time binges start… You’re sat on the sofa after a long day. You’ve just eaten a healthy dinner. You worked out this morning, ate salad for lunch, snacked on fruit all day, you’re proud of yourself. You’re rocking this sh*t… Then you hear something… it’s the […]

How to lose weight

how to lose weight

It’s one of the most popular Google searches! With the overwhelming choice of diets, meal plans and magic pills out there, You’d think we’d all be dieting pros by now. There are countless experts telling you they know the secret to getting slim by eating this or avoiding that. And then there’s the old “calories […]