Victoria Kleinsman

I get it...!

Victoria Kleinsman

I get it...!

…I’ve been there!

Hi Queen, my name is Victoria and I empower high achieving women who “can’t stick to a diet anymore” to feel normal around food & to love themselves.

During a podcast interview, I got asked: “What makes you great at what you do?”

I’ll share with you my answer;

For starters I have certifications in;

  • Psychology
  • The science of nutrition
  • Emotional eating psychology
  • Spiritual life coaching

But honestly, that’s not what accredits me to help others so profoundly. Alongside my personality, it’s what I’ve personally been through that enables me to help others radically transform their lives.

I’ve overcome anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and a fitness obsession. For over 20 years I’ve struggled with a poor body image and disordered eating.

I’ve lived through a 6-year long violent relationship where I was hit, raped and emotionally abused daily. He’d got me fired from my job, sold my car and left me with a huge debt that was unknowingly put in my name.


I’m in a conscious and loving relationship with my finance Wouter but most importantly, I’ve built an unbreakable and unconditionally loving relationship with MYSELF and my body.

I eat whatever I want, when I want, in any amount I want. I make food choices from a place of nourishment and pleasure. I’m healthy, confident and know my worth.

I’m a global coach, mentor, speaker and writer. 

I absolutely believe in coaching and mentoring. Over the years, I’ve seen the profound effects it has had on my clients, as well as experiencing it myself. I live by example and continuously invest in myself.

Other things about me:

  • I believe in you until you believe in yourself
  • I go above and beyond for my clients
  • I love fitness & I’m a level 3 Personal Trainer
  • I’m into spirituality and love all things woo-woo and “weird!”
  • For most of my life, I’ve trained young horses and show jumped regularly
  • I love being in nature and ensure that I am every day
  • We have a fur child called Hero who is a Malamute
  • I literally cry at most movies
  • I love chocolate
  • I believe that anything is possible
  • I sometimes cry tears of joy for no reason
  • Sometimes I pinch myself to make sure this dream life I’m living is real
  • I prioritise sleep and get 8 hours every night
  • I can’t stop thinking about my clients 
  • I have a full sister Michelle and a half-sister, Sally (girl power in our family)
  • I’m gotten comfortable being uncomfortable
  • One of my many fave quotes: “You either get what you want or get what you need.”
  • When something feels exciting and scary, I just do it!
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