Body Love Binge

As 2023 comes to an end, begin something that will bring you lasting peace and freedom in your relationship with food and your body. 

Can you relate…?

In a nutshell, my story involves healing from childhood trauma, including enmeshment, abandonment, neglect, and abuse. It’s an ongoing journey of self-reparenting that I’m grateful to be on.

I’ve triumphed over anorexia, binge eating, bulimia, and an exercise addiction. For over two decades, I grappled with poor body image and eating disorders.

I survived a six-year-long domestically abusive relationship, enduring daily physical and emotional abuse while being isolated from family and friends.

When I finally left that relationship, I found myself facing a mountain of debt, unknowingly accrued in my name by my abuser.

  • My self-worth was at an all-time low, my self-love non-existent and my whole life revolved around food obsession and how fat I thought I was.
  • In the depths of anorexia, I was so terrified of food that I’d have preferred someone hold a gun to my head than offer me a meal.
  • During binge eating, I was the woman who’d put brownies in the bin only to get them back out later and eat them.
  • I’ve frantically eaten bars upon bars of chocolate in secret – in the toilet, in my car, in the broom cupboard at work – and then hid any evidence.
  • In my struggle with bulimia, I sought to compensate for my binges through laxatives, excessive exercise, and attempts to induce vomiting.
  • I’ve burst into tears of hatred and despair when I’ve looked at my body in the mirror.

If you can relate, I invite you to embark on a life-changing journey with me and other women who share your experiences. Together, we’ll work towards lasting freedom around food and in your body. You deserve a nourishing, pleasurable relationship with food and yourself, and it’s within reach.

You will have access to the body lovebite program, including extra worksheets resources and in-depth homework from me personal to you and your recovery. 
My one-to-one coaching starts from €3500 so this is a very exclusive special way to work closely with me for only €297.

Don’t find yourself in the same position a year from now. If you don’t make changes, things won’t change. Join me on this journey to food freedom and body love!

Working with me will have you transitioning from

You’ll be fasting from food fukery. Detoxing from diet culture and cleansing body hate out of your system!

Body Love Binge includes...


5 weeks of group coaching & mentoring starting December the 1st

Applications close on 9th Nov. There is a significant amount of progress you can make in this timescale.


Weekly group coaching calls

Every week in December (5 weeks) we’ll gather for a 60-minute Zoom video group coaching session. I employ a ‘hot seat coaching’ approach within the group setting. If you want to be coached, you can volunteer a day before the call. Hot seats will be selected randomly, with priority given to those who haven’t had one before. Observing others being coached is valuable too, as you can relate to every person’s journey. Our coaching calls will be recorded and categorized in the private support group for future reference.
The times of the calls will be made to accomodate all time zones.


Private intimate support group

I'm limiting this opportunity to just 10 women, ensuring an intimate and private space for those sharing the same journey as you. I'll be in there regularly to support and celebrate you. This group is hosted on a private platform intentionally separate from social media.


The Body Love Bite program for lifetime access.

The Body Love Bite offers a lasting taste (pun intended) of food freedom and body love. This program alone can substantially enhance your relationship with food and your body. When combined with my coaching and the intimate support group, you’ll never feel the need to start another diet in January again! You'll get access to this 2 weeks before we start to ensure you get the most out of coaching.


Extra resources from me throughout.

One thing you’ll learn about me is that I always go the extra mile. Expect to receive additional resources and valuable insights from me during our time together.


This is a one-time offer at this special price of only €297 for everything mentioned above, with a money-back guarantee if you don’t experience positive changes during our time together. (Please refer to the terms and conditions for details).

What to expect after working with me...

You’ll no longer be a slave to the scales, counting calories, points, syns or macros & you'll break out of your restrictive prison.

You’ll no longer be consumed with food thoughts 24 7.

You’ll be eating what you want when you want & you'll be nourishing yourself because you'll want to. Bye bye crazy binges.

You’ll be confident in lovingly trusting your own body & intuition to guide you on what to eat & how much.

Food being a fun, delicious part of your life, not your whole life.

You’ll be at – or well on your way to – your healthiest set point weight. This is a natural weight for you when you’re no longer restricting or binge eating & you’re nourishing yourself through food, movement, mindset, and lifestyle choices.

You’ll be doing all the things that you’ve been putting on hold until you’ve “lost the weight” or until you "feel good enough".

You’ll be feeling comfortable & confident in your body & clothes.

You’ll no longer be constantly worrying about what your body looks like.

You’ll be saying goodbye to relationships that don’t serve you (your relationship with food & otherwise.) & you’ll be nurturing ones that do.

You’ll be confidently showing up in the world as yourself – unapologetically – and you’ll feel so liberated and free that you won’t quite believe what’s happened!

Going after your big dreams & life goals as you are no longer wasting energy obsessing over what you eat & how your body looks

“But I don’t know if it can work for ME!”

If I got given a euro every time someone said that to me… I get it. Really. 🙏🏼 The number of times you’ve promised yourself you’ll start recovery tomorrow or the number of diets you’ve been on and “failed”. Or the number of times you’ve asked your partner to “not let you eat chocolate (or fill in the blank)” and so you just end up eating it in secret anyway and then feeling resentful toward them and hating yourself even more… 

I’ve been there and I honestly thought that there was nothing that could ever work for me. After all, I had spent over 20 years the way I was around food. I thought I was so fucked up with food and only able to like my body and myself when I was slim that there was nothing that could help me.

But here I am in total food freedom and overflowing with self-love! And I know that you can be here too. All you have to do is trust me and the process, show up and do the work and food freedom and body love will be yours. 

If I could give you a taste of what it feels like to live in full food freedom and body love, I know that there would not be any doubt in your mind about starting this journey. Full recovery from eating disorders and disordered eating is so much more than you ever think it could be. It is the mental relaxation and the change in perception that turns the world into a blissful place – rather than the hellhole of anxiety that you’re currently in.

And so ultimately the question isn’t; “Can this work for you?” the question is; “Are you ready to truly live in food freedom and body love?” 

Victoria Kleinsman 6.78MiB

What I do changes lives,
are you ready to change yours?

It will be the best decision you’ve ever made
and I don’t say that lightly.