How to trust your body with what & how much to eat

how to eat intuitively

When I first heard about the concept of listening to your body and relying on it to tell you what and how much to eat, I was extremely sceptical. I’d think things like: “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!” “I can’t trust my body to tell me what to eat, I’d literally never […]

The stages to body love

the stages to body love

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this episode for you my loves! I share my personal experience of my journey to body love. My clients often go through these stages in this order too and it brings them comfort knowing they’re not alone and it helps them to trust the process. Always trust the process… 😉 It’s […]

I’d rather be dead than fat! With Sarah Mitchell Ok, so the title of this episode is very bold and we do say this with a pinch of salt – but it just captures the intense dread and petrifying fear that some of us experience when we see ourselves as “fat”… In this episode, I’m joined by one of my previous clients who […]

My first podcast Q&A The questions I answered in-depth: – How to deal with stress and anxiety in my life and binge and emotional eating and how to cope with emotional issues with high blood pressure tablets and feeling like something bad is going to happen. – I want to be comfortable around others and feel better in […]

Breaking Free From The “Good Girl” with Holly Toronto If you’re a people pleaser, you’re gonna want to tune into this episode my loves! I have Holly Toronto with me today. Holly ​is a Certified Master Level Coach who has 5 years of experience helping women stop prioritizing other people’s expectations of beauty, belief or behaviour so that they can live their life […]

How NOT to start a diet in January AND focus on health

How NOT to start a diet in January AND focus on health

I get it. Over the festive period – which starts as early as the beginning of December for most – we can enter into January feeling full, bloated and “ugh” – is that a feeling?! Firstly, it’s worth taking a look as to WHY most of us feel full, bloated and “ugh”… If you’re reading […]

The 4 stages of body image work

the 4 stages of body image work

The problem isn’t that you’re binge eating, it’s that you’re restricting. Why are you restricting? Because you don’t like your body and want to be thinner. Why do you want to be thinner? For X number of reasons most likely mainly due to wanting to be seen as attractive, be liked and lusted after, to […]

Live coaching call with Emma

intuitive eating counselling

I feel so grateful for each and every one of you that follow me and consume my content. I wouldn’t be doing what I loved every day if it wasn’t for YOU so I’m giving back even more!   Once a month I will be offering a free 60-minute coaching call to help you on […]

10 steps to navigate the Christmas holidays around food & body

how to stop eating all the time

I literally love Christmas! I love all the Christmas lights everywhere, I love the way families come together I love the fact that people tend to be generally happier at this time of year. I also remember like it was only yesterday, how I used to feel when I was in the midst of my […]