The Law Of Attraction

What is the Law Of Attraction?

The Law Of Attraction states that we are all made out of energy and the energy that we give out, we receive back. So if we think positive uplifting thoughts we give out a high frequency of energy which we then attract back to ourselves. Like attracts like. The same thing happens if we think negative thoughts… we attract more negative things.

We can have, do and be anything we want, we just have to understand how the universe works in order to get it.

Step 1: Decide what you want.

Step 2: Believe that it is already on it’s way to you

Step 3: Be ready to let it into your life by looking out for the signs and moving forward with your intuition (gut feeling)

This is easy on paper but harder in real life. This is because our Inner Bitch likes to interfere and put a stop to the believing part right away which then makes it harder to then let it manifest into our lives. Whether you believe in God, The Universe, The Buddha, Fate or Yourself to make it happen, belief and faith that it will happen is so so important!

The letting it in part is easy if you trust that it can and will happen in many different ways. For example, let’s say your desire is to go on a dream holiday and you’re doing all you can to manifest it into reality by focusing on the positives and doing your visualisation every morning. But your adamant that the only way you can get there is from manifesting more money to pay for the holiday… you may be blocking another way you could get on that holiday by a friend recommending someone with a villa that owes them a favour or from the chance to enter a competition to win a holiday…

The opportunities are endless which is the most magnificent thing about the universe!

So keep your heart open and don’t worry about HOW you will manifest your thing into reality, just BELIEVE that it will happen somehow. Because it will.

Your unconscious mind finds whatever you want

Ever put your house up for sale and then suddenly started seeing for sale signs everywhere?! Or maybe you decide you want to buy a white Audi and all of a sudden the road is full of them?! It’s crazy, right? This is because when you really want or focus on something, your subconscious mind gets to work at making this a reality for you.

Focusing on how amazing it will feel when (not if) you get that pay rise so you can afford that holiday? Then you will get the pay rise and the holiday.

Focusing on how broke you are? Then you will become even more broke.

Focusing on how fat you look every time you look in the mirror? Then no matter what you do, you will always find ‘fat’ and most likely give up whatever health goal your persuing.

Focusing on how good you feel after a workout and celebrating each little win along the way and appreciating your body as it is now? Then you will reach your health goals effortlessly.

Can you see the difference?

Whether you are aware of it or not, whatever you think about yourself you become. Whatever you focus your attention on you will get. It really is that simple, it’s just not that easy!

Vision Board or Creation Box

An excellent way to attract more good into your life is to make a vision board or a creation box. There are two ways you can create a vision board:

Option 1 – Physical Vision Board

Grab some old magazines, print pictures off the internet or get your hands on anything lying around the house (or your friend’s house…) that inspire you to create your vision board. Chose images that relate to your goals and stick them on a big piece of card or a corkboard.

Option 2 – Digital Vision Board

You can also create a vision board in photoshop. Gather images you like from the internet and create a masterpiece of inspiration relatable to you in photoshop or a similar program. You can then save it as the screensaver on your phone or the background on your computer. You can also print it and laminate it and stick it everywhere and anywhere you like! On the bathroom door when you’re on the loo… on the fridge door… endless options!

The aim with your vision board is to look at it every single day so put it where you can see it. A great place is on your work desk – this will do wonders to your subconscious mind and will then, in turn, set your conscious mind to work on making it all happen.

Creation Box

If making a vision board isn’t your thing, then maybe a creation box is better for you? This is the same principle as a vision board but you start off with a box – any box that takes your fancy. You can colour the box in, stick things on it, the choices are endless. The box needs to be big enough to fit all your desires in. You can fill your box in a day or a few weeks or even a few months as you go about your day you can scout for things you want to put in your box. It can be anything from a picture of a gorgeous sofa you saw in a magazine that would fit beautifully in your home, to an article about a woman working out looking strong and focused. Anything is possible – let your imagination run wild!

Open your box every day and look through all of your desires – feel and imagine how exciting and amazing it will feel when you have all of these things in your life. Don’t focus on not having them, focus on having them, then you will attract them into your life!

What you believe about yourself you become

The Law of Attraction works with every thought you ever have. This means that what you think about yourself becomes true for you too. If you think you’re unworthy of love or that you can never attract the perfect partner, then all you will attract into your life will be people, circumstances and things that will prove this.

Do you think there are no good men out there? Then you won’t find a good man. Do you need outside validation to feel loved and wanted? Then you will attract that same type of person into your life and you won’t be able to connect on a deeper level.

The trick is to become the person that you want to attract into your life and then you will absolutely attract that perfect person. 

Do you believe that you are not clever enough to start your own business? Then this will become be true for you… you won’t start your own business.

Your thoughts are the most powerfully influential gift you will ever have. Think of them wisely!

Do you know someone who either always gets everything they want and always seems to be happy or someone who is always miserable and moaning and complaining about all the bad things that happen to them..?! This is because each person is attracting these things to them whether they know it or not.

Now you are aware of how powerful your thoughts are and that you are in control of everything in your life then now is the time to do something about it! Watch The Secret on Netflix. Read the book Ask and It Is Given. Make a vision board.



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