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Food & Body Freedom Queendom is my signature group coaching program where you can heal your relationship with food and your body to create a healthful life where you eat without guilt, stress or obsession.

No more “starting again every Monday”

I’ve been there. It’s a new week and you’re starting your new diet. You think “this is it this time! I’m going to stick to it and finally lose the weight!” and you do! You stick with it and finally think something is working, until…

you binge.

and then another Monday comes around and you vow to never do it again…until it happens again… and again…and the cycle continues.

This cycle can go on for years….

But what if I told you there IS another way to live that doesn’t involve you selling your soul to the diet devil?

How would your life be different if you could have all of these things…?

– No longer feeling crazy/out of control around food 

-Making nourishing food choices because you want to

-No more binging in secret & hiding the wrappers

-Free from obsessive food thoughts

-Eating what you want, how much you want, whenever you want with no guilt

-Food being a fun, delicious part of your life, not your whole life

-Having sex with the lights on without worrying about what your body looks like

-Fully accepting of the way your body looks & even learning to love your “flaws”

-Confident to live in the body you have without constantly wishing you were smaller 

-Wearing what you want & feeling great about it

-Enjoying holidays without stressing about what you look like in swimwear & no longer feeling like you need to do a diet countdown before your holidays!

-At or on your way to your natural healthy set point weight 

-Going after your big dreams & life goals as you are no longer wasting energy obsessing over what you eat & how your body looks

-And seriously, much more…

What's included in Food & Body Freedom Queendom Group Coaching?

Have a sneaky peek at the modules👇🏼

Your food & body freedom journey awaits you - apply now!

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Got Question’s?

Right now! If you’re a great fit for the group coaching, I’ll email you right away with access to the online course, private group, and coaching calls.

You get access to all of the modules in the online program for life, including any future updates.

You get access to the support group, weekly Q&A’s and live monthly group coaching calls for 6 months starting from the date of when you gain access to everything.

The monthly group coaching calls are on the first Saturday of every month at 10am UK time.

If you can’t make it live, NO WORRIES! I’ve have had plenty of clients find success by watching the replays. You can pre-submit a question so I can still provide an answer, and all calls will be recorded for you to rewatch if needed.

(All times are subject to change.)

While I do like the idea of intuitive eating, I have also seen and experienced how this can turn into another diet. I use some of the principles in my coaching, but what I do is very different.

Let me ask you: Will it ever be the “right” time?

We all have a natural resistance to change, lurking inside us, but you’ve already taken the first step by reading this far. 

Once you’ve made the commitment, you’ll instantly feel a shift & you’ll be supported every step of the way. You deserve to do something for your happiness NOW… & ask yourself this, “Do I want to reach 70 & still be counting my almonds & weighing my oats…?” 

Exactly, so if not now…when?

Because if nothing changes, nothing changes…

The investment for Food & Body Freedom Group Coaching is 750 euros and will be worth every ounce of investment of your time, money & energy. Payment plans are available.

If this is a choice between paying your mortgage or investing in this coaching program, then please pay your mortgage. 

If it is a choice between missing out on a holiday this year or investing in this coaching program then you have to ask yourself what’s more important in the long run

Imagine feeling normal & relaxed around food, becoming friends with your body & falling in love with yourself… all of this is possible for YOU! So the question is, “Can you afford NOT to do this…?”

Let me tell you, I FEEL YOU! I felt the same before I invested in myself & in fact, almost ALL of my clients feel the same before they invest!

It’s a big investment of your time, money & energy and it can be scary wondering if it will work for you, knowing that you’ve spent most of your life failing diet after diet.

The answer is YES it will work for you! This is something you’ve never done before & your life will absolutely change for the better in a matter of weeks & months! To reassure you even further, every client that has been through this program has had a huge positive shift in their relationship to food & their bodies and you will too!

This program does not condemn nor prescribe any particular foods or food choices. Our focus will be healing your mental & emotional relationship with food, so that you can make empowered health choices for yourself without the disruptive influence of diet mentality.

If you have specific dietary requirements that have been prescribed by a health professional, this program will not interfere.

Your food & body freedom journey awaits you - join us now!
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