Food & Body
Group Coaching

Is this you?

“Half the time I’m doing OK…until I face plant a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and I have no idea how to climb out.”

“I avoid restaurants because it stresses me out so much and sends me into a secret binge frenzy when I’ve gone off track”

“I can’t keep crisps or chocolate in my house…I know I’ll eat them all in one go.”

“I’m sick of always being on a diet and would just love to be able to eat a piece of cake without eating evertything in sight & promising myself I’ll start again tomorrow.”

“I want to fuel my body with healthy foods but everytime I try to do that I end up falling off the wagon and feeling guilty!”

“ I desperately want to stop binge eating but I just can’t seem to stop no matter what I do. I have tried everything”

“I’m sick & tired of feeling dread and disgust when I look in the mirror. Why can’t I just be happy with myself?”

“The idea of ‘body acceptance’ completely freaks me out—I just can’t stop wishing I were thinner.”

Get Ready To

Be so busy with more important things, you literally forget to eat sometimes (I’m being serious!)

Have your favourite foods in the house without inhaling them all in one sitting

Eat what you want when you want —even for emotional comfort—without ‘spinning out of control.’

Feel normal around food – Say goodbye to the guilt & shame around food

Get your life back after years of obsessing about your food choices. Never have to plan another diet again and ditch the on repeat “I’ll start my diet tomorrow” for good!

Learn how to make choices that feel good for your body without ‘trying to be good’

Make friends with your body exactly as she is now without being a bitch to yourself

Stop constantly wishing you were thin or still looked like ‘your timehop photos’

Enjoy gorgeous clothes, chocolate brownies & sex with the lights on without giving a shit 

My program is way more than just feeling free and normal around food...

  • It’s about being more interested in the conversation at the restaurant instead of anxiously scanning the menu…
  • It’s about googling something other than “how to lose weight fast” in your spare time…
  • It’s about being able to have cookies in your house without completely losing your shit…
  • It’s about booking your summer holiday without needing to countdown the weeks you’ve got beforehand to get ‘bikini ready’…
  • It’s about putting on a bikini and not having a panic attack but enjoying your holiday instead…
  • It’s about enjoying gorgeous clothes, delicious brownies & having sex with the lights on without giving. a sh*t

What's included in Food & Body Freedom Queen...

What to expect after you’ve gone through the program

  • No longer feeling crazy/out of control around food 


  • No more binging & shame


  • Free from obsessive food thoughts & the food police in your head


  • Eating what you want, how much you want, whenever you want it with no guilt


  • Saying no to food (from a non-diet mentality) if aligning with your health goals is important to you


  • Food being a fun, delicious part of your life, not your whole life


  • Eating brownies & having sex with the lights on without giving a sh*t (may or may not be at the same time 😆)


  • Enjoying being IN your body & loving her for what she does for you & allows you to experience


  • Fully accepting of the way your body looks & even learning to love your “flaws”


  • Confident to live in the body you have without constantly wishing you were smaller 


  • Wearing what you want & feeling great about it, not what you think your “body type” allows


  • Enjoying holidays for what they are without stressing about what you look like in swimwear + no longer feeling like you need to do a diet countdown before your holidays!


  • Room in your head & your life to take care of yourself & show yourself some love


  • At or on your way to your natural healthy set point weight 


  • Most likely living a completely different life as you are no longer caught up in or wasting energy obsessing over what you eat & how your body looks


  • And seriously, much more…

Ready for food & body freedom for life?

Got Question’s?

There are lots of books, blogs and podcasts out there on this subject matter – any subject matter in fact – which is great. You can Google anything and find an answer, so why aren’t we all millionaires with a 6 pack already…? That’s where the power of coaching comes into play. I can tell you that the best way to make progress in your life with whatever changes you desire is to take action and to work with a professional coach. A professional coach can teach you an arsenal of tools so you know exactly how to navigate through your own personal experiences around food and your body and to quiet your negative thoughts in order to make lasting change. What makes this group so great is that you’ll have the opportunity to be coached by me every month and within in the group. Coaching enables you to unpack limiting beliefs and experience huge breakthroughs and to receive the specific tools for your unique situation to accelerate your progress. I’ll be cheering you on and holding you accountable every step of the way in order to ensure lasting success. I personally work with a coach on a monthly basis and my coach has a coach too, so I’m a BIG advocate of investing in myself and my mental health!


While I do like the idea of intuitive eating, I have also seen and experienced how this can turn into another diet. I use some of the principles in my coaching, but what I do is very different.

Let me ask you: Will it ever be the “right” time? Probably not. We all have a natural resistance to change, lurking inside us, but you’ve already taken the first step by reading this far. Once you’ve made the commitment, we’ll take it one day at a time, and I’ll be here for you every step of the way. You deserve to do something for your happiness NOW…and let’s face it, you don’t want to be a 75-year-old woman still fretting about your food and weight, or wishing you had the courage to go after that dream life right? If not now, when?

If it’s going to take food off your table or if this is a choice between paying your rent or investing in this coaching program, then please pay your rent. If it is a choice between going out partying for a month / missing out on a holiday this year or investing in this coaching program then you have to ask yourself what’s more important in the long run? Imagine feeling “normal” around food, becoming friends with your body and in love with yourself… all of this is possible for YOU! So the question is, “Can you afford NOT to do this…?”

When I invested in myself I had no money to pay for coaching and had to borrow it. But it changed my life and I would have paid triple the amount now I know what results are possible! But, I do have payment plans to make this more affordable. This is a significant investment of your time and money, but the payout of being free of diets, binging, body hate or lack of self-worth is huge. If this is something you want to do, then this is the place where you say hell yes.

If you would like to propose a different payment plan, please contact me ( and let’s try to make this doable for you. YOU deserve your own investment!

Let me tell you, I FEEL YOU! I felt the same before I invested in myself and in fact, several of my clients felt the same before they chose to invest to. 

It’s a big investment of your time, money and energy and it can be scary wondering if it will work for you, knowing that you’ve spent most of your life failing diet after diet.

The answer is YES it will work for you! This is something you’ve never done before and your life will absolutely change for the better in a matter of weeks and months! And to reassure you even further, this group coaching is available for you for life. Everyone of my clients have had a huge transformation and you will too!

I also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on Food & Body Freedom Queendom Group Coaching. To read the Ts&Cs click here.

This program does not condemn nor prescribe any particular foods or food choices. Our focus will be healing your mental and emotional relationship with food, so that you can make empowered health choices for yourself without the disruptive influence of diet mentality.

If you have specific dietary requirements that have been prescribed by a health professional, this program will not interfere.