1:1 Coaching Investment
Queen Package 👑

Queen Coaching Package

4 months of private coaching & mentoring

Twelve 45-minute 1:1 video coaching sessions, spread out over 4 months

Daily WhatsApp support (think of me as your pocket voicenote coach, this is invaluable!)

A deeply transformative 6 week programme exclusively for 1:1 clients only

The body love binge online programme for lifetime access

Extra resources from me throughout that are tailored to your exact needs

YOU cocooned 24 7 in my fierce love, wisdom, support & knowledge (which by itself is life changing)

Lifetime membership in my private community with ongoing monthly group coaching calls

Optional additional in person self-love day (+ €1,000)

Sliding scale...

I utilize a net worth sliding scale for your investment to ensure your full commitment to this journey, emphasizing the importance of having ‘skin in the game’ to motivate you to show up and put in the work.
It’s the effort you put in that leads to the desired outcome.

Your net worth represents the resources accessible to you, including any savings you might be hesitant to use. This investment is an integral part of your transformation.

If your net worth is 25k or under, your investment will be €3,500.

If your net worth is between 25-100k, your investment will be €5,500.

If your net worth is between 100-250k, your investment will be €7,500.

If your net worth is over 250k, your investment will be €9,500.

The value of my coaching surpasses 9.5k.

*All prices are ex VAT

Got questions?

The only thing standing between your current position and your desired destination is my coaching. I understand this may sound overly confident, but I possess the skills and knowledge to guide you to your goals. My track record with numerous clients, even those struggling with binge eating or anorexia for over 40 years, speaks for itself.

If you could turn your aspirations into reality within a matter of months, what value would you place on that transformation? Most likely, it’s worth significantly more than my coaching fee. Many of my clients have expressed that they would willingly pay double the amount once they’ve completed their coaching journey

All that’s required of you is to commit, put in the effort, and have faith in me and the process. Your investment, both in terms of time and money, will undoubtedly yield substantial returns.

If you don’t see substantial progress in what you came to me for then you get your money back (providing you do the work I invite you to do), so there really is nothing to lose.

If I had a euro for every time someone said that to me… I understand, truly. 🙏🏼 The number of times you’ve made promises to start recovery tomorrow or embarked on diets only to feel like you’ve ‘failed.’ Or how often you’ve asked your partner not to let you eat chocolate (or fill in the blank), only to end up eating it in secret, feeling resentful and hating yourself even more…

I’ve been in your shoes, and I genuinely believed that nothing could ever work for me. After all, I had spent over 20 years the way I was around food. I believed I was so fucked up with food and only able to like my body and myself when I was slim that there was nothing that could help me.

But here I am, fully enjoying food freedom and overflowing with self-love! I’m certain that you can be here too. All you need to do is trust in me and the process, show up, do the work, and you’ll attain food freedom and body love.

If I could offer you a taste of what it’s like to live in complete food freedom and body love, any doubts in your mind about starting this journey would vanish. Full recovery from eating disorders and disordered eating goes far beyond what you might imagine. It brings mental relaxation and a shift in perception that transforms your world from a place of anxiety to one of bliss.

So, ultimately, the question isn’t, ‘Can this work for you?’ It’s, ‘Are you ready to truly embrace food freedom and body love?’

Of course, you want to lose weight…otherwise you wouldn’t be here feeling crazy around food & hating your body! I get it. Whether you lose weight, gain weight or stay the same during this process, what I can promise you is that it won’t matter to you anymore because you’ll be gaining so much more. I mean it. This work is life-changing in every sense of the word.

If you intellectually know that dieting isn’t the answer because it just doesn’t work for you – even though you completely dislike your body as it is – we can get to work my love. So get excited because everything is about to shift for you!

While I do like the idea of intuitive eating, I have also seen and experienced how this can turn into another diet. I use some of the principles in my coaching, but what I do is very different.

I understand your concern because I’ve been there too! I felt the same way before I invested in myself, and, in fact, nearly all of my clients share those same doubts before they invest in themselves.

It can be intimidating to wonder if it will work for you, especially when you’ve spent most of your life struggling with one diet after another or going through in-patient treatment programs.

Here’s the answer: If you commit to this process as much as I commit to you, then YES, it will work for you! This is a journey you’ve never embarked on before, and I guarantee that your life will significantly improve in a matter of weeks and months.

The only thing separating you from your current situation and your desired destination is what’s included in my coaching. All you need to do is show up, put in the effort, and trust both me and the process.

To provide even more reassurance, every client who has worked with me one-on-one and has dedicated themselves to the work has experienced substantial positive changes in their relationship with food and their bodies. You will too.

We monitor your progress using various methods, so you can clearly see your growth throughout your journey.

This programme does not condemn nor prescribe any particular foods or food choices. Our focus will be healing your mental & emotional relationship with food, so that you can make empowered health choices for yourself without the disruptive influence of diet mentality.

If you have specific dietary requirements that have been prescribed by a health professional, this program will not interfere.