Things to do in lockdown

I usually always ask my intuition to guide me to help me to decide what to write for you beauties each week. Today it was clear as day what to write without even having to ask the question.

I’ve seen so many souls struggling with being in lockdown. They feel anxious, trapped, cooped up, lonely. It’s difficult to just “be” with ourselves. We are so used to distracting ourselves with “life” that when we have to spend time with ourselves at home without being here there and everywhere, it’s sooooo uncomfortable.

Here are 10 things you could do during lockdown that will support your mental, physical and spiritual health. If you like these, let me know if you’d like me to share some more with you.

1. Get a head start on your Christmas shopping 

It feels good to be organised right? What better way to spend some time than getting ahead with your Christmas shopping?

Write that list. Get creative. Put some thought into each person. If you’d like help with this, I’m a Temple Spa Consultant and we have a gorgeous Christmas self-care collection. I’m happy to hop on a video call with you and go through your Christmas list and recommend products.

You also don’t have to spend money. With the extra time you have instead of buying presents, why not make them? You can write poems, make your own candles, jams, chocolate truffles, gratitude jars, a little book of vouchers they can cash in with you… look online to get ideas and go for it… what else are you going to do? 😉

2. Dream big and set goals

As humans we feel good when we are progressing. When we aren’t working towards something we can feel a little bit lost.

Grab a journal (or treat yourself to one – thank you online shopping!) and allow yourself to dream BIG! Write down your answers to these questions…

“What would you do if anything was possible?

If money, circumstances and opportunities were never lacking, how would you be living?

What would you do as your life’s work?

What would your lifestyle be like?

How would you feel every day?

Who would be in your life?” etc

After you’ve allowed yourself to dream big, let’s turn those dreams into goals and then into your reality by setting some action steps towards them.

Pick 3 goals from your dream journaling and write bullet points of the action steps needed to be taken next to each one. For example:

Big Goal > > > To run my own successful business.

First immediate action step > > > To create an Instagram and Facebook account.

Daily action step > > > To post something inspiring every day for my followers.

Weekly action step > > > To write a blog and go live on social media talking about my area of expertise.

Monthly action step > > > To invite 10 potential clients to a consultation call.

Etc… it can be anything and you can achieve anything. All you have to do is START and keep going. Whilst you’re working towards your goals, you’ll feel purposeful and driven.

3. Treat yourself to a mindfulness puzzle book

Grab yourself a hot chocolate (sorry, everything I do usually involves chocolate!) and a blanket and settle down to some mindful puzzle games. There are loads on Amazon, I like this one and for under £4 it’s a bargain!

4. Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself is the most important investment you’ll ever make. With this extra time on your hands, what a perfect opportunity to take time for you and your future.

Whether you want to overcome your fears, limiting beliefs or eating habits through coaching or whether you’re wanting to improve your professional portfolio through online courses in your field of business, there are so many options right now.

Don’t wait until the right time to put yourself first, the right time is NOW!

5. Go through your wardrobe 

Seriously how good does this feel afterwards?! Stick on some of your fave music and start with the part that you’re dreading going through the most.

My rule of thumb when doing this is:

“If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no!”

If you have to ponder about when you might wear it but you haven’t worn it for a year, get rid!

If your diet brain starts thinking “I’ll keep this because when I lose weight it’ll fit me.” STOP MISSY! How many times have you said that to yourself and how does it feel looking at clothes every day that don’t fit you?… exactly.

Be ruthless. Give to charity. Recycle. And organise everything as you go.

6. Organise your phone and laptop

You remember all the times you’ve told yourself:

“I’ll organise all my photos soon.”


“I’ll go through my Google drive and organise everything.”


“I’ll delete all the things I don’t need on my laptop.”…?

This is the time to do itttttt!! You’ll feel so much better afterwards.

7. Practice meditating

I know, I know, if you’re new to meditating the thought of this may sound boring. I get it. I’ve been there. But the very thing you’re resistant to is the very reason why you should do it!

Download “calm” app for their 30-day free trial – I promise you, if you commit to 10 minutes every day, it’ll change your life! Big promise I know. Don’t believe me? Try it!

8. Get fit!

Gyms may be closed or closing, but that’s not an excuse to stick yourself to the sofa! There are SO many FREE workouts online that you can do from home and you don’t need any equipment. Body weight circuits, plyometric moves, running outside (if you are allowed out) are only a few of the things you can be doing to get fit.

Don’t let that voice in your head tell you any different – getting fit can be fun. If you struggle with this but it is something you’ve always wanted to do, reach out to me, I’ll help you.

9. Journal

The best way to get yourself is to journal. I used to be very resistant to journaling, so that’s exactly why I started a daily practice!

Answering questions that you wouldn’t usually ask yourself via journaling can be SO powerful. The amount of ah-ha moments I’ve had is unreal! It’s so healing and super helpful to gain clarity in your life.

If you’d like to be given daily journaling questions and receive support and accountability for your daily journal practice, then join my “Victoria’s Secrets To Self-Love Membership”.

If you want to go DIY, I recommend Chanee Momoko’s Create Your Purpose Journal first and foremost!

If you want to see what journaling is like before investing in any cash, there are tons of free journaling prompts on God Google.

10. Join an online group

Even if you’re overflowing with self-love, it’s easy to feel lonely after a long period of time on your own. Especially if you’ve gone from being with several people every day to just yourself and your cat. 🐈

Online isn’t quite the same as in person but if you’re part of a community of like minded women, there is always that support there for you.

There are many free groups out there that offer support and community so have a look and join one that feels good to you.

If you’d like to be part of a small sacred group of amazing women who are vulnerable and supporting then join my monthly membership. It’s a small investment for huge results and there is SO much value in here you won’t quite believe it!

It’s also an affordable option to get coached by yours truly (me) twice a month live! Have a nosey here.

If you liked these 10 suggestions, I have a lot more so please comment below if you’d like me to share them.

Sending love and high vibes,

Victoria x


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