A Magnet for Miracles – with Kim Mellor

What a magical – marvellous – magnificent conversation this is!

Kim Mellor came into my life like an Angel and without a shadow of a doubt we have known each other in many past lifetimes, what an honour and a blessing she is to this world!

Amongst so many other things we chat about:

  • How to live as the best version of you, NOW
  • How to LOVE the reality that you will never “get there”
  • Kim’s biggest life lessons and how she grew from them
  • How Kim went from a shy, small-town girl into the powerful & magnetic Queen she is today
  • What intuition is & how to connect to it
  • Kim shares her top self-love & body image tips
  • How to stop hustling & start receiving – doing less to receive more

Kim is on a MISSION to help women create freedom from the inside out so they reach the fullest expression of their potential and become a Magnet for Miracles.

Kim says she is also just an ordinary girl who decided to take one step every day in the direction of her dreams to become who she is today; a heart centred, ambitious, fun-loving queen who loves herself and trusts life fully!

Kim is now on a mission to help millions of women around the world to do the same!

Ready? Let’s go…

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Nourish yourself with weekly
food freedom & body love yumminess

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