Are you a Princess or a Queen?

What comes to mind when you think of a princess?

What comes to mind when you think of a Queen?

Carl Jung – believed that all human behaviour can be understood through the lens of archetypes.

Our unconscious archetypes shape our inner thoughts and beliefs and drive our behaviours.

The princess archetype

A Princess hopes to be saved by a prince.

Princesses need everything in their life to be perfect or else they will react unpleasantly.

Princesses are naive and expect the world to be handed to them on a silver platter.

Princesses want and need to be liked.

Princesses are emotionally lost, always searching for something… usually attempting to find that something from outside of themselves.

Princesses are avoidant and don’t want to face uncomfortable truths.

Princesses live in a fantasy world and are afraid of challenges.

They are self dismissive and they complain and blame.

If we focus specifically on food and body image, a princess is unsure of what to eat. She is always seeking direction from someone or something outside of herself to tell her what to and what not to eat.

She is untrusting of her own body to guide her on what to eat and how much. She feels guilt and shame for her behaviour around food when she inevitably “falls off the wagon.”

She needs constant reassurance from others to tell her that she looks ok and that she is “pretty” enough. She asks questions like:

“Do I look ok?”

“Is she prettier than me?”

“Am I enough for the Prince?”

“Will they like me?”


A process doesn’t know who she really is and is insecure.

The Queen archetype

A Queen on the other hand…

Queens are feminine in the most powerful form yet they are not Goddesses or priestesses. They are a beautiful blend of both the masculine and feminine.

Queens confront life with bold courage and they create their own reality.

They are purpose-led, self-assured and take responsibility and ownership for their lives.

They move through life with power and clarity and a strong sense of self.

Queens welcome change and understand that life is happening for them, not to them.

A Queen is wise and emotionally mature and is able to see the bigger picture.

Queens know that they either get what they want or get what they need, therefore they choose to look deeper into circumstances without internalising things or taking things personally. They are open to learning through experience and getting to know themselves better. Even if it’s hard. Especially if it’s hard.

A Queen speaks her mind in a compassionate yet powerful way and emanates strong self-assured energy.

A Queen Chooses herself and doesn’t need constant external reassurance or validation.

A Queen moves through life quietly yet powerfully in her power.

Queens also ask for help. They know that they don’t have all the answers. They know they must seek professional help if they want to move quickly through any blocks.

A Queen communicates well, isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and speak her truth.

If we focus specifically on food and body image, a Queen knows she can trust her body to guide her on what to eat. She doesn’t need instructions or a diet plan to follow to feel ok about her food choices. She makes choices based on what she desires in each moment and whether that’s chocolate or a salad, she fully owns her choice.

She allows herself to experience pleasure in every sense of the word and she honours her cravings. She also honours her body and her health and nourishes herself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A Queen fully accepts who she is and is confident in the body she has. She knows there is no value in being the “prettiest” in the room or the most lusted after because she knows down to her core that she is enough exactly as she is.

She can celebrate other women’s beauty without diminishing her own magnificence. She knows that it can always be BOTH – AND, not INSTEAD – OR.

A Queen doesn’t need constant reassurance from others to tell her that she looks ok because she already knows that she’s perfect as she is.

A Queen will ask questions such as:

“How can I be of service to others?”

“How can I honour myself more?”

“What was my part in that?”

“How can I take more responsibility for this?”

“How can I love myself more deeply?”


A Queen knows who the F she is and what she stands for.

What is your royal role?

Only when you embody your Queen can you truly live in your purpose. Most women are scared to speak up, to share their truth and to show their real selves. When was the last time you followed your deepest desires?

A true Queen feels safe to be seen in the world because she sees herself first. What are you not seeing within yourself? Are you hiding your body? Are you avoiding processing past trauma? Allow yourself to really see YOU and then you’ll be able to feel safe to be seen by others. A Queen gives it to herself first before she expects it from others.

We all have a purpose on this earth in this lifetime and if you don’t know yours yet, that’s ok! You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Trust that.

A Queen shows up for herself and plays big to impact others. She uses her voice in service to others. If you could do anything in the world to help others, what would you do? What lights you on fire? What are you passionate about?

I am inviting you to become unavailable for anything BUT your desires!

A Queen trusts that she’s divinely guided throughout life. Do you trust? Do you think that it’s a coincidence that you’re reading this right now…? There’s no such thing as coincidence, only divine timing.

A Queen carries herself with grace through every obstacle she faces. How can you do more of that in your life? If you’re binge eating or body shaming yourself, can you give yourself love and compassion through it all?

You are being called to step into your Queenhood. This is your permission slip to show up as your fully expressed self unapologetically every moment of every day! This is your time Queen…

Decide to get dressed in your Queen energy every day. Call forth your inner Queen when making decisions. When you notice a Princess behaviour, ask yourself:

“What would the Queen version of me do right now instead?”

Journaling Exercise

What does being a Queen look like to you? Take out your journal and write out your vision. You can’t do this wrong… only a princess is scared of not getting it right!

What has the universe been preparing you for that you’ve been procrastinating about?

Maybe it’s starting your own business, changing your career or deciding to invest in yourself to finally heal your relationship with food and your body?

A princess is avoidant and allows fear to drive her life. A Queen declares her desires and then claims them by taking aligned action toward what she wants.

What does that really look like for YOU?

Where are you allowing fear to drive?

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I cannot wait to welcome you to Queenhood sister!


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