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Crown Yourself with Kimberly Spencer

Kimberly is an award-winning high performance, trauma-informed coach and trainer, 

Amazon best-selling co-author, international motivational speaker, and the founder of

Kimberly helps visionary leaders transform their self-limiting stories,  build their empire, stand out fearlessly, and make the income and the impact they deserve.

Join this heartfelt (and tearful conversation) where Kimberly shares:

  • Her story and how she ended up being the highly successful woman she is today 
  • The key things she learnt that helped her to heal from bulimia
  • Limiting beliefs and how to overcome them
  • What it really means to take responsibility for our trauma and how to see it as happening FOR us
  • Kimberlyโ€™s book

(Photographer Credit: Dakota Lee Stroud)

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