Mastering your unconscious mind

That voice inside your head, the one that talks to you and gives you instructions on what to do or what not to do, is that really in control of your actions?

Or do you think there is something else going on that actually determines the results in your life, whether wanted or unwanted?

We have 2 different minds

We have 2 different minds within us that piece together to contribute to who we are. We have our conscious mind and our unconscious mind. Some people call this the subconscious mind.

Consciously, you’re probably thinking right now, how long is this video going to be, what am I am going to learn, what am I having for dinner tonight etc

Unconsciously, there’s a whole load of processing going on that you don’t even think about. For example, have you ever driven home and you get there and you literally can’t remember your drive home? Or you’re brushing your teeth and you don’t actually recall picking up for toothpaste…?

This is all unconscious behaviour. The things you do automatically.

Let’s talk pirates…

Imagine a pirate who is the Captain of a ship… He gives orders to the crew such as:

“On board!

Batten Down the Hatches

All Hands on Deck”

(Totally Googled those 🤭)

He’s shooting out all directions to the crew.

My question to you is:

“Who is in control of the ship? Is it the captain, the pirate or is it the crew?”

The crew are actually in control… if the pirate demanded that everyone go left or right, but there was no crew, the ship is not going to move.

Here’s why I’m telling you this story…

Your conscious mind is the pirate – the captain

Your conscious mind is the one that you think is giving you all the orders.

The unconscious mind is the crew.

Your unconscious is what is actually making everything work in your life under the scenes.

Do you want to get some control over your unconscious mind…?

Of course, you do 😉 Understanding how it works means that you can use it to the best of your advantage enabling you to take your life to the next level.

I seriously would LOVE to see this taught in schools. Image what we could be doing with our lives if we were taught this stuff from a young age…!

I’m going to go through the essential things that you need to know about your unconscious mind in order to use it to your advantage and to achieve whatever it is you want in your life! So get excited!

#1 Your unconscious stores memories

It stores them in space and in time. You can actually remember what has happened to you in your past because of this. This is why we call it your timeline because your subconscious can access this.

#2 it organizes these memories in level of importance

If I was to ask you “When was the first time that you ate chocolate?” You probably wouldn’t remeber.

But if I asked you “Do you remember where you were when the planes hit the Twin Towers in NY on 9/11?” You would probably say that you remembered exactly where you were and also what you were doing, right?

Why is this? It’s because there was a highly linked emotion to this event. In this circumstance (I presume), it would have been a strong negative emotion that you felt when you heard/saw what happened.

The same goes with a strong positive emotion linked to a certain event. For example, if I asked you, “Where were you when you had your first kiss?” You would most likely remember the tiniest details…!

Again this is because you had a high level/strong emotion during this circumstance. So your unconscious mind stores these for easy access in levels of importance. Think of it as like a filing system.

#3 your unconscious represses emotions

It does this as a protective mechanism. To protect and preserve your body and yourself.

You can’t ever let go of an emotion until you have learnt what there is to learn.

For example, if you’ve been burnt by a hot stove before, you would have gone “OCH!” and removed your hand straight away. So then your brain goes, “listen the stove is hot so don’t touch it again because you’ll get burnt.” You don’t walk around completely freaked out and scared of stoves for the rest of your life.. or at least you’d hope not!

Your brain takes the learning and goes “thank you” and then it releases that emotion.

If you have repressed emotions from a break up for example, when they come to the service, you need to ask yourself, “What is there I need to learn in order to let this go?”

#4 Your unconscious morally knows what’s right or wrong

No matter what you’re doing in your life, no matter what decision you’re making, you know deep down whether it’s morally right or wrong. So that little feeling that you get when you know that you’re not doing something that is quite morally 100%, that’s your unconscious kicking in, it knows…

#5 Clear instructions to follow

You need to give your unconscious clear instructions to follow. Clear orders. What do I mean by this? If you tell your unconscious “Just don’t be sad”, your unconscious then goes, “If I’m not sad then what am I? Am I happy? Am I confused? Am I frustrated? Am I angry?” It doesn’t know what to do!

Whereas if you tell your unconscious “Ok, be calm now, relax.” then it goes, “OK, I understand I can do that.”

This goes back to your internal language, the way you speak to yourself. If you don’t take control over this then your unconscious won’t “work” for you because it doesn’t have clear orders to follow.

#6 Habits

Over time your unconscious will build up habits for you. Like brushing your teeth. You do it every single day, twice a day, or at least I hope you do! (Those late-night in bed snackers, I see you 😉).

Also like driving. Think back to your first driving lesson. (Mine was horrendous and after the first lesson I wanted to never get behind a wheel again!) Compare your first lesson to the way you drive home from work now or when you go to the shops. It’s automatic you don’t have to think about it.

Habits that have been created are also stored for ease of use to pick back up if you ever deviated from them…. WHICH IS WHY CHANGE IS SO FREAKIN HARD! Like riding a bike, you never forget no matter how long ago it is you rode one. Same goes for that bottle of wine on a Friday night that you gave up in January yet before you know it, you’re back doing it again oh so easily.

Your unconscious never forgets anything!

#7 It responds to symbols

I encourage you throughout listening or watching this, to draw symbols as you learn. Your unconscious responds and relates to symbols so much faster then it relates to words or speech.

#8 It takes everything personally

Your unconscious mind takes everything personally. Everything.

Has your best friend ever said to you something like,

“That dress doesn’t suit you” or “That presentation was good however I definitely think you could improve on your connection with the audience?”

I hope so because then it shows that you have honest friends who have your best interests at heart.

But deep down even though you want honesty, you’re hurt. That’s your unconscious. It takes everything personally. If you’ve been told you’re over sensitive, you’re not, it’s just your unconscious clicking in.

#9 Least effort

Your unconscious works on the least effort principle. If your in a restaurant and someone runs in shouting there’s a bomb get out now, you’re not going to sit an annalyse what the best escape route would be. Your unconscious is just like “Bomb? RUN! I need to get out of here, and it will react immediately to the fastest way to get out”.

Your conscious mind would want to try and rationalise everything and over complicate things, that’s just how it works.

#10 it can’t process negatives

Your unconscious cannot process or understand negatives. But negatives I mean things like “not” and “don’t”. If you’re saying, don’t be sad right now, your unconscious heards that as “BE sad right now”. If you’re saying don’t freak out, your unconscious is saying “Ok, I’ll freak out!” If you say don’t be nervous, your unconscious is like “I’m nervous”.

If you can master your own internal self talk, you WILL take your life and happiness to a whole new level! Just be really vigilant about HOW you are speaking to yourself and how you’re directing your unconscious. Because if you don’t master this, you’ll be wondering why you’re not getting the results you want .

#11 All learning and all change in unconsious

This one is so important! All learning and all change is unconscious.

Your unconscious can pick something up just like that. That’s how fast you change. Instantly.

Often, throughout the work I do, I help people overcome past trauma. After understanding what happened and processing those emotions linked to that, change can be instant. All you have to do is decide to change. That’s it.. Your unconscious has got this!

Your unconscious will be like “Oh ok you want me to be like that? Ok, I got it!” And this is why people can create success, healing and happiness so quickly in their life. If they learn and understand how the unconscious mind works, anything is possible and it can and does happen that fast.

You don’t need to keep pulling up all of your past experiences and limiting beliefs… decide to change. Right now. That’s all it is.


Grasp these points and put them into action. Listen to this more than once, take notes, draw symbols. Get to understand how your unconscious works.

When you hear your conscious mind telling you stuff, remember, that’s the captain speaking, what does the crew want to do? You can choose to follow that captain if it serves you but if it doesn’t serve you, let it go.

Whatever it is that you’re trying to do just know that your unconscious has got it, girl! And you can change… how fast…? (Click your fingers) That fast…

So get to know this stuff inside out, back to front and know that most importantly from this moment on that all change, all learning is unconscious, and even if you’re not sure if you’ve got all of this, your unconscious has got it!

Did you like that? If you’d like to go deeper into these concepts and life lessons, I invite you to join my group coaching membership where you get coached by me twice a month in a group environment.

If you join and you don’t like it, I’ll give you your money back and there is also no contract so you’re free to leave as you please – but I promise you, you’ll want to stay… 😉. Hope to see you there beautiful!


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