Psychological reasons you can’t commit to your health goals with Ana Vucetic

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The title of this conversation is “Psychological reasons you can’t commit to your health goals” and that’s exactly what we chat about!  

Ana Vucetic is a Psychologist, Certified Wellness Coach, Founder of “Balanced by Ana” and mother of 2 beautiful boys.  

Tune in to hear Ana share her knowledge on:  

– The Psychological reasons we can’t commit to our health goals.

– How do you stop self-sabotage   

– How “all or nothing” thinkers can transition into more balanced thinking  

– Whether it not it is safe and possible to start striving towards health goals at the beginning of someone’s journey of healing their relationship with food?  

– Gentle nutrition and dieting mentality   

– Emotional eating  

– Tips on how to tune into the body to distinguish hunger, fullness and cravings.  

– Ana’s best tips for ending diet mentality and mental restriction 

– 3 tips on how to improve body image  

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