The Amazon universe!

What the heck do I mean by this statement, The Amazon universe!..?! Well, I am talking about the Law of Attraction here which  I talk quite a lot about. But there is a reason for this, it’s so freaking amazing and it totally works!

The universe is like a huge Amazon catalogue, you can order what you want.

The hardest part is letting it come true for you because this takes challenging your inner beliefs which is hard as hell and having faith in the universe, a higher power, energy vibration or all 3. Here are the steps that you take to work with the Law of Attraction.

  1. Desire something that will bring good into your life. Decide what you want. Place your order with the universe.
  2. Believe that it is already on its way to you and feel positive and grateful for this. <-hardest part!
  3. Be open to receiving. Look for signs. You will find that people, places and opportunities will appear in your life that will enable you to move forward towards your goal or bring you closer to what is is you want.
  4. Take ACTION on these opportunities.

Let me give you a few examples of how this manifests in real life.

I joined a new gym in my home town and started to go to the body pump and spin classes. I love to do these and had visions of me teaching them one day as fitness is such a huge part of my life and I love it. Then the body pump instructor randomly invited me to her birthday BBQ which I thought was a kind gesture although it did take me a little by surprise because I hadn’t spoken to her much. I decided to go because it felt right, even though my boyfriend had other opinions. I had a lovely time and ended up telling her that I would love to be an instructor one day as I just love doing the classes. She said that the manager was looking for a body pump instructor to fill in for people on holidays and she would pass my details onto him! I had a meeting with him and within a week I was on stage teaching my own body pump classes! I have now been offered a permanent position because the members love my classes so much! I was following the above steps without really realising it.

  1. I decided that one day it would be great to teach my own classes, I wanted this.
  2. I visualised me on stage whilst taking part in the classes and imagined how cool it would be to be able to inspire all the people to work out and feel great. <- feelings of positivity whilst imagining me already doing it.
  3. Even though my boyfriend, whose opinion I respect suggested otherwise, I took myself to the party <- that was a sign.
  4. After being contacted by the manager I turned towards my fears and went for a meeting anyway!

A similar thing happened to my Aunty (who actually doesn’t believe in any of this law of attraction ‘nonsense’…!) She was looking for an outfit for her daughter’s wedding and fell in love with a particular one that happened to be a Designer make.. When she saw the price tag (700!) she couldn’t justify spending that much on something she would only wear once. Instead of letting it go she said that just couldn’t stop thinking about it. She was imagining herself wearing it on the wedding day and how wonderful it would feel. Every day she couldn’t stop thinking about this suit. Anyway for ‘some reason’ she decided to re-join facebook and was scrolling through one night and low and behold the suit that she was dreaming of was staring her in the face! Someone who had worn it once was selling the exact same suit in the exact right size with it professionally dry cleaned and delivered for 150!! Obviously she acted straight away and she is now the proud owner of the perfect outfit for her daughter’s wedding.

Nothing in this world is a coincidence. There is no such thing as coincidences. 


So how does this work…? You may or may not have heard that everything in this entire universe is energy. And energy vibrates at different frequencies. This is a scientific fact. This means that our THOUGHTS are also energy vibrations. Every single thought we have flows out of us in waves of energy. When we think positive uplifting and loving thoughts, our energy frequency is higher. This is what it means when people say, raise your vibration. When our thoughts are negative, fearful and judgy, the energy we send out is of a lower frequency. And the most important thing you will learn today is that,

You attract what you put out.

Are you still with me? Do you know someone who is always moaning and depressed? You look at their life and you think, no wonder they feel this way, look at all the bad things that happen to them. Their car breaks down, they get sick, the sale of their house falls through… on and on it goes. What these people don’t realise is that they are attracting these things to them. I know this sounds harsh but it’s true. They are giving out constant negative thoughts and receiving constant negative things back.

Let’s flip it. Do you know someone who is always happy and positive and you think, well it’s obvious as to why they are always so positive, they have everything they want in life and all good things come to them. Do you think this happens by accident? They attract good things to them because they send out loving, positive thoughts every day.

Do you understand the law of gravity? Do you understand how electric works or what it even is? So why question the law of attraction just because you don’t understand it? This should be taught at schools!


The most powerful thing you can do to change your mindset and to raise your vibration in order to attract good

into your life is to practice gratitude. When you are grateful for the people and circumstances you have in your life, you attract more of that to you. Stop for a moment now, close your eyes and think of everything you are grateful for. Then feel the love and happiness that these people or circumstances enrich you with. Example, I am so grateful for my Mum. She is always there for me, she has helped me through so many tough times in my life and she has taught me unconditional love through her actions. This makes me feel truly blessed to have her in my life especially because I know that not everyone has this. I treasure our relationship. I feel warmth and love in her presence and when I stop to think of her.

We can even practice gratitude when life doesn’t go to plan. Because it won’t always go to plan. Everything happens for a reason and if you have faith that no matter what you’re going through right now, there is something you can learn from it in order to grow, then you will always be sending out high vibrations. Example, When I first moved to The Netherlands I struggled to get a job because the language barrier was too big. I don’t live in Amsterdam or a big city so every job I applied for responded with ‘no sorry you need to be able to speak Dutch.’ I did become quite frustrated with this but then realised that no good would ever come from feeling frustrated. Instead, I practised gratitude. I was grateful for everything I had in my life, my boyfriend was supporting me and I am blessed with so many people that wanted to help me. I imagined finding something that would suit me perfectly where I could live my passion of helping people every day. I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts one day whilst cleaning toilets in a temporary job that helped with my financial situation and the answer to my problem came to me. The host of the podcast was interviewing Cynthia Garcia who is the founder of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. She was talking about an opportunity to enrol as a student to become a health coach. This was it! This was perfect, why didn’t I think of this before? I could help people feel good about themselves whilst at the same time live out my passion for health and fitness.

Let’s look at what happened here… I had changed my vibration to a higher frequency due to practising gratitude instead of frustration and then along came my sign! I enrolled, studied, passed and became certified as a Transformational Nutrition Coach and this is why you are reading this today! Everything happens for a reason and because I had a vision of what I wanted to do in the world, even though I didn’t know exactly what at the time. I practised gratitude and took action on an opportunity that came into my awareness.

When you find yourself feeling frustrated, in despair or angry, practice gratitude to raise your vibration.

Can we really have anything we want?

YES! We really can be, have and do anything we want! All you have to do is to follow the 4 steps of the law of attraction. It is not easy but it is simple. The problems arise at point 2 and 4.

Point 2 is to be grateful that whatever it is that you want is already on its way to you. This requires trust and faith in something that you can’t see. Whether you believe in yourself, the universe, God, karma or whatever, faith is needed to believe that it is already yours and on it’s way to you. What we tend to do is put our order in with the Universe and then decide that we can’t actually have what we want after all. You think you were thinking too big, being unrealistic or wonder how the hell will you ever be able to achieve that, you have no money for a start! Thinking like this changes your vibration and starts to push away the things that you were attracting towards you when you were in your high vibration of thinking of something you want. The key is to keep your vibration as high as possible as you live your life, no matter what.

Point 4 is taking action on the opportunities that come to you. This is hard because most people are either scared of failure or don’t want to do the work needed to move forward. Like me for example, when I had the opportunity to teach body pump, I was instantly thinking:

“I can’t do it, I don’t speak Dutch properly. They won’t want an English person teaching them. I’m not as fit as I use to be, I can’t teach a class unless I look like a walking fitness model. Nah, I won’t bother, I don’t have time to train and learn all the routines etc and I have no idea how to actually take the class.”

If I had listened to my inner Bitch I would have turned the opportunity down and then gave up on my idea of every teaching a gym class. Action takes pushing past your fears and stepping or even jumping out of your comfort zone. People don’t want to do this. How bad do you want it? If this happens to you, remember vividly what you felt like when you were dreaming of this coming true for you. Now it’s in reach waiting for you to take it, so take it! Be brave, be bold and remember, there is no such thing as failing. Failing is another word for learning. Fail = what can I learn from this? How can I grow from this? And the continue on your path.

You are in control of your life

I believe that we are all exactly where we are meant to be in this moment and it is up to us to decide what happens next. I am not talking about predicting the future or being able to control things around us but I am talking about being able to control our thoughts, emotions, actions and results. Absolutely anything is possible for you the only thing getting in the way of your dreams is you in regards to your limiting beliefs. Your beliefs are the glass ceiling of your potential. Breakthrough that ceiling with new beliefs that have no limits! Practice the steps of the law of attraction and the world is yours, what are you going to take?


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