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The magic of hypnosis with Johnny Jameson

I have with me today, Johnny Jameson who, apart from being a dear friend, is a:

Transformation Coach & Master Hypnotist

Author of “How to Live Your Best Year Yet”

Creator of the ABC 1.2.3 newsletter

And his podcast “The mind reinvention show” is voted in the top 20 of Self-Help Podcasts!

It’s a long one today guys so feel free to indulge all at once or split us in half (not literally please hehe!) Join our conversation where we discuss:

– What hypnosis actually is and why it’s so powerful

– The supernatural and Artificial Intelligence

– Visualization, what it means and how we can do it effectively

– Self-esteem, what it is and how we can improve it

– How hypnosis is the “shortcut” to get what you want and to change your habits


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Sending LOVE & Stardust always!

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