The secret to a healthy body image​

The secret to a healthy body image​

A body confidence coach helps you to improve your body image and end the self-hate circle that you are in. Low body confidence and self-esteem usually coincides with dieting and binge eating which is actually the root cause of the whole diet and binge cycle, to begin with. 

If you were happy with your body you wouldn’t have gone on that first diet all those years ago. 

You then wouldn’t have been fooled over and over again by the dieting industry which promises to make your whole life perfect and happy – if only you could get down to your desired jean size! So having a good body image is huge and will actually end your binge eating and anxiety around food.

How Do You Make Friends With Your Body In A World That’s Telling You Not To?

Welcome to the world as we know it… everywhere you look there is a magic cream, diet pill, or procedure that promises to make all your problems go away! No wonder most of us struggle with body confidence issues.

You go to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription and by the counter, there is a magical cream that ‘zaps away wrinkles’. Obviously implying that wrinkles are ‘bad’ and something that must be taken care of. You treat yourself to a massage or facial and you are bombarded with an array of treatments that promises to ‘get rid of cellulite’. Because obviously cellulite is the devil and must be dealt with ASAP.

So the next time you get dressed you consciously chose a long skirt over shorts so you don’t have to insult the world with the orange peel on your legs. 

We are being brainwashed people all for financial gain and social status! 

All of these ideals of how we should and shouldn’t look are ingrained so deep in our subconscious that they become our limiting beliefs for the rest of our lives! This needs to be challenged if we want to feel comfortable in our own skin and embrace the body we have. How you feel about your body confidence and body image has a huge effect on how you show up in the world and is directly linked to your self-esteem.

What is the secret to a healthy body image?

I’m glad you asked… Undoing all of the conditioning (brainwashing) takes time – and one of the most annoying things about social media these days is the influx of influencers demanding we love ourselves when the reality is that it takes time. Well, I’ll tell you the secret…

there is no secret! (sorry!) Yes, there are things to learn, and mindsets to shift but there is no “secret”. There is no quick fix. It’s a bunch of small baby steps that add up to huge mindset shifts and a big change in perspective. When you transition into body positivity and body acceptance, it is soooo freeing and empowering! 

It. just. takes. time. 

And I can relate to how frustrating this can be because I have been through exactly what you are going through right now. But if you’re reading this, there is something in you that is so done with all the constant dieting and binging and hating on yourself. You are so ready to step into yourself exactly as you are now and be free and happy and not to give a shit about all the pressures anymore, but you’re wondering how the f can I do this already…?!

Body confidence is an action

Body positivity is an action. You do it every single day. You do it when you stop yourself right before you are about to mention a diet. You do it when you intervene in body shaming. You do it when you look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you, even when you don’t want to. You do it when you stop a fat girl in the street to tell her how amazing she looks. 

You need to un-brainwash yourself and re-educate yourself the truth: All bodies are supposed to be different! And nature celebrates diversity!

It’s time that we all recognised this and celebrated individuality. By showing up in the world as ourselves, we give others permission to do the same! We would have so much more time and energy to actually follow our dreams instead of wasting all our efforts on trying to lose weight. What you put into body positivity, you get out of it. This is not an online movement. This is a real-life, let’s fucking accept everyone’s bodies and while we are at it, love ourselves movement. 

I promise you that it is totally possible for you to make friends with your body – if I can do it so can you! (And I use to shower in the dark so I didn’t have to see my body. I said no to a surprise holiday in the sun just because I didn’t feel bikini ready.)

Just remember: 

1) You are not going to get there overnight 

2) You can not rush the process 

3) It won’t be a linear uphill journey. 

4) There will be some days where you question if you made any progress whatsoever 

5) It is sooooo worth it 

6) The process is part of the fun. 

Come join the fun! You’ll have a ball… and may occasionally ball your eyes out cause fuck it, it’s part of the journey! 

Body positivity will transform your life for the better but it won’t eradicate all negative emotions. Ups and downs are life. It’s time we get used to the fact that both life and our bodies are NOT stagnant things and never will be! 

For the tools, strategies and SUPPORT in order for you to be released from your body prison, work with me!

I have been where you are now. I used to avoid mirrors at all costs and if I caught a glimpse of myself I would break down in tears. I would literally have an anxiety attack if I thought someone was going to judge my cellulite… I can show you how to become free!


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