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We eat self-love for breakfast! with Chrystal Rose

I’m so excited to share this conversation with you beauties. I’ve been following Chrystal on SM and I absolutely love her content, her vibe and the way she trains in the gym – we share the same love for fitness!

I also love her no BS approach, she oozes love and compassion however don’t let that fool you, she certainly gives out some much needed tough love!

Chrystal Rose is an entrepreneur, Self-Love Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator & host of the Self Love Breakfast Club Podcast. 

She is dedicated to helping women heal their hustle, make peace with food & their bodies and step into their best selves. 

Chrystal’s passion and desire to create a massive impact stems from surviving a traumatic childhood and she now uses the same techniques in her coaching that allowed her to heal. 

Rather than focus on the surface with mindset and behaviour change, Chrystal helps her clients achieve lasting results by getting to and healing the root cause. 

From high level, 1:1 coaching, her group program Pendulum, retreats in Italy and a full-blown membership site launching soon—Chrystal offers multiple levels of accessibility in order to touch as many lives as possible. 

Join Chrystal and me where we take a deep dive into:

How Chrystal learned to love her body again after a botched cool sculpting procedure

Mindset vs embodiment

Why mindset work can be ineffective for a lot of people

How embodiment work is the future of self-love and personal development

Why “your higher self is not a “better” version of you and what it truly is

Body image not actually being about the body

Food restriction for health reasons from a place of love

Listener Q answered – “How can I be happy when my happiness is related to how I feel in myself which is related to how fat I feel?”

– Advice on how to stop other people’s judgments from affecting your life?

– The Self Love Breakfast Club’s mission and how it is going to change lives

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