The journey we'll be taking together...

Module 1

Welcome & Set your intention

Module 2

Understanding why you are where you are

Introduction: Your food & body story

Module 3

Your vision

Introduction: Your food, body & self-love vision

Continue your journey

Module 4

Intuitive eating

Introduction: Intuitive eating

  • Why letting go of control eliminates binge-eating & how you can actually do this in real life.
  • How to make decisions around food without “rules,” “control,” or a diet to follow (e.g. how to make “healthful” choices around food without obsessing or thinking too much).
  • How to actually listen to your body when all you can hear is your mind
  • Common intuitive eating pitfalls & how to avoid them…for those of us who have “tried and failed” intuitive eating in the past (this was me for a very long time, so really, I get it).
Module 5

Regular eating

Introduction: Regular eating

  • Why eating regularly is helpful in more ways than one when healing your relationship with food & why it’s used as an evidence-based tool to eradicate binge eating
  • What this might look like for you, your life & your body
  • How to navigate this if you have resistance to eating regularly (often chronic dieters have a resistance to feeling full)
Module 6

Food Anxiety & normal eating

Introduction: Food anxiety

  • How to navigate your fear of “binge” foods
  • Choose which strategy works best for YOU
  • The subtle difference between “intuitive eating” & “normal eating” (the difference is mainly psychological & often the missing link in developing a healthy relationship with food.)
Module 7

Control, dieting & body image

Introduction: Control, dieting & body image

  • How poor body image & weight obsession is a defence mechanism you’ve been trained into practically since birth and how identifying this psychological pattern will help you break free of it.
  • Why a desire for control—in various areas of life—is at the bottom of this ENTIRE PROBLEM, and how specific underlying emotions almost always trigger poor body image. It’s time to face the specific fears that underlie your obsession with thinness…and work through them to the other side.
Module 8

Body acceptance

Introduction: Body acceptance

  • The real reason why you struggle with food
  • Why body-image work is REQUIRED for healing binge-eating (and is the difference between those who “get it” and those who don’t).
  • Why changing your relationship with your body is the ONLY way to change your relationship with food permanently. There is NO relief from food obsession without body image work.
  • Overcoming objections to body image work. You may resist attempts at body image work because you hold conscious or unconscious objections to it (e.g. reasons you “should” hate your body or cannot practice body acceptance). Overcoming these objections is where the work really starts!
Module 9

Body image

Introduction: Body image

  • The difference between “body love” and “body acceptance” and how to develop skills in each.
  • Key insights will challenge everything you think you know about weight control, so get ready.
  • “Practical” ways to start seeing your body differently (and a deep-dive into the only scientifically proven way to change a person’s body image).
  • How to date (or feel good naked) in a world where we’re constantly comparing ourselves to “hot & sexy” women.
Module 10

Body confidence

Introduction: Body confidence workbook

  • 9 juicy chapters with exercises in each to have you feeling confident in your body in no time
Module 11

Emotional eating

Introduction: Emotional eating

  • Going for a walk instead of eating chocolate doesn’t work… learn what to do instead!
  • Why resisting emotional eating often leads to more emotional eating, & how to handle this.
  • How to deal with underlying drivers of emotional eating without falling back into diet-mentality
  • Learn the three core strategies that won’t lead to a rebound.
  • The “real addiction” underneath emotional eating…& how to let it go.
  • Why emotional eating turns into binge-eating for women with diet history (& how to avoid this).
  • Some alternative perspectives on emotional eating that will blow your mind… (our beliefs about our behaviours often keep us stuck in the cycle.)
Module 12

Binge eating

Introduction: Binge eating

  • The only reason why you binge & exactly what to do about it…
  • Why you may still be “binge-eating” after you’ve “stopped dieting”…( dieting is NOT the only solution here…you have to make a psychological shift.)
  • The primary emotions that cause binge-eating, & how to deal with them… (NOT the same as emotional eating)
  • How to recover from a really bad binge.
Module 13

Healty at every size

Introduction: Health at every size

  • You CAN be healthy & live in food freedom, here’s how…
  • What health at every size is & how this science-backed concept will blow your mind
  • How striving for weight loss actually stops you from adhering to healthful behaviours- How to strive for health from a place of weight neutrality
  • How to manage food allergies, medical considerations, & other “health” choices within the non-diet approach.
Module 14

Creating a healthy lifestyle

Introduction: Creating a healthy lifestyle

  • How to progress with your health goals without “falling off the wagon”
  • How to find your “natural weight” (i.e. the weight your body wants to be & will easily be able to maintain without dieting). We’re talking about Weight Set Point Theory & its practical significance for ending the diet-binge cycle.
  • How to emotionally separate weight from health; whether you currently struggle with a weight-related illness or unhealthfully obsess about making “healthy choices,” mentally compartmentalizing health and weight are critical for living in food freedom.
Module 15


Introduction: Fatphobia

  • The whole world is scared of fatness #fatphobia, so let’s talk about it
  • How to navigate fatphobia in real life
  • People really DO judge each other on the basis of size and it’s really fucked up. One of the reasons traditional “body-love” programs don’t work is that they’re not discussing the elephant in the room: weight discrimination. Well, we’re going to take a deep dive together.
  • Practical ways of dealing with body-shame triggers in the media, at work, or with family & friends
Module 16

Your future

Introduction: Your future

  • Why standing up for other women is a secret weapon in living in food & body freedom—we are what we stand for, both in action & spirit.
  • What’s next for you as you live your life in freedom & self-love.
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