Intuitive Eating & Health with Stefanie Jung

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Join me and Stefanie Jung, who is an Intuitive Eating Health Coach, in an extremely valuable conversation around all things health and intuitive eating.

We cover:

– How your relationship to food is a direct reflection of your relationship to life itself & how to work with that in real life.

– How Stefanie developed anorexia and then binge eating and bulimia and how she overcame these.

– Type A personalities and if you’re one of these, how-to honour this in yourself without it harming you.

– High standards – low expectations – here is the link to my reference in this conversation around this.

– How to “do health” without “being on a diet” – including endorsing what could be seen as “diet behaviours” but are in fact an act of self-care.

– Sugar addiction and hedonic eating

– And more!

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