The Body Love Bite

The Body Love Bite provides a lasting taste (pun intended) of food freedom and body love. This program alone can significantly improve your relationship with food and your body.

The Body Love Bite will have you...

Gaining clarity as to why your relationship with food is the way it is. No more self-blame & you'll see a way out.

Gaining a clear vision of what your future of food freedom and body love will look like that excites you!

The education and the tools to help you to start stepping into that vision.

Changing your self-talk from self-flagellation to self-compassion & kindness. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel in a matter of days.

Living in true food freedom as you start eating intuitively - Victoria style!

Connecting to your body & building a loving relationship with her so she becomes your bestie, not your enemy.

Understanding the truth bomb backed by science that is you cannot control your weight... & knowing what to do about that!

Tips & exercises to implement right away to start your body love journey.

What's included in The Body Love Bite?
(16+ hours of content)

Module 1

Welcome & set your intention

Module 2

If not dieting, then what?

Module 3

Intuitive eating - Victoria style

Module 4

Body image

Module 5

Fear of fatness, psychological drivers of body image + nervous system regulation

Module 6

Weight set point & control

Module 7

Live group coaching call recordings

Module 8

Reflection & next steps

money back

Embark on a journey to food freedom and body love, and you won't look back!

Got questions?

Yep! The moment your payment goes through you’ll get lifetime access to all of the modules (plus any future updates) and access to the support group.

Everyone has different learning preferences but as a rough guide, if you dedicated 3 hours a week to go through the material then The Body Love Bite (16+ hours of content) will take you around 5 weeks to complete.

Yes! You get access to my support group where you can share and ask any questions any time. If you’d like coaching then take a look at The Body Love Binge or 1:1 coaching.

While I do like the idea of intuitive eating, I have also seen and experienced how this can turn into another diet. I use some of the principles in my coaching, but what I do is very different.

The investment for The Body Love Bite will be worth every ounce of investment of your time, money & energy. I created this program specifically for those with a lower budget but please don’t expect to receive a “lower budget” value. The fact that I have priced this programme at only €99 is quite frankly, mind blowing, even to myself!

Imagine for a moment feeling relaxed around food, eating what you want and building a loving relationship with your body… all of this is possible for YOU! 

AND if you don’t think it’s worth the investment, I’ll give you your money back!

So the real question is, “Can you afford NOT to do this?”

This program does not condemn nor prescribe any particular foods or food choices. If you have specific dietary requirements that have been prescribed by a health professional, this program will not interfere.

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Ready to start your food freedom & body love journey for only €99?

It will be the best decision you’ve ever made
and I don’t say that lightly.