Conversation with the eating disorder therapist Harriet Frew

Conversation with the eating disorder therapist Harriet Frew

Harriet is a BACP Accredited Therapist who specialises in supporting people with eating disorders and body image. She has worked in the UK NHS, in an Adult Eating Disorder Service and private practice since 2003.

Harriet is passionate about eating disorders and enjoys writing, filming and creating information through her podcast and social media, to help and support others.

Harriet is dedicated to helping people recover from eating problems and improving their confidence and self-esteem. She is supportive of an anti-diet approach and Intuitive Eating Principles.

The questions I asked Harriet:

  • Please can you briefly share your story as to how you went from struggling with bulimia to becoming an eating disorder therapist?
  • Can you explain what OSFED is for those that don’t know?
  • In my experience, people tend to link eating disorders to only those that are “underweight.” What % of people who have eating disorders are not classed as “underweight?
  • In your opinion, is control at the root of every eating disorder? Why or why not?
  • Can you speak to what it means for us to identify with an eating disorder and how that can greatly impact our recovery?
  • Would you say it is normal for those struggling with eating disorders to experience some form of OCD?
  • How can someone who struggles with bulimia stop self-induced vomiting or purging?
  • What do you consider to be normal eating?
  • The fear of fullness is something that my clients (and me previously) experienced, even when eating a nourishing meal. How do you support your clients through this?
  • “Feeling fat has little to do with your body” can you speak to that?
  • What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with poor body image?
  • What are your thoughts on calories on menus in the UK?
  • How can people work with you?

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