Food Freedom with Jessica Kumah

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Join Jessica and me in this free-flowing conversation around food freedom!  

Jessica Kumah, also known as foodcoachjess on IG is 26 years old and currently lives in Toronto, Canada. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and would describe herself mainly as a Food Freedom Coach.   

There was a time in Jessica’s life where restricting and binging controlled her. Now that she’s on the other side, she wants to help women do the same. Jessica says; Unfortunately, with social media currently being bigger than it ever has been- there are so many young girls and women who feel the need to restrict and engage in other disordered eating patterns to look a certain way. 

Jessica is here to guide those women to heal their relationship with food so that they can truly feel fulfilled and safe in their bodies.  

This is how you can connect with Jessica:  Instagram is: www.instagram.com/foodcoachjess  Website is: www.jessicakumah.com  

As for me, I would LOVE for you to join my FREE Food & Body Freedom Queendom 👑  FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foodandbodyfreedomqueendom

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Email: info@victoriakleinsman.com

Are you either on a diet or secretly face planting chocolate?

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