Guest on “We Shape Podcast”

Guest on “We Shape Podcast”

At WeShape, our goal is to help you feel better in your body, NOT make you feel like you need to change your body.

We do this by creating a personalized at-home workout where every movement is selected just for you based on YOUR goals, YOUR capabilities and YOUR availability.

And our LIVE Coaching and Community offers a built-in support system where we tackle things like consistency and overcoming obstacles related to poor body image.

Get started today to join the thousands that have shifted their approach towards feeling better in their bodies.

S2 Episode 11 – Radical Recovery with Victoria Kleinsman

**Trigger Warning: Rape, physical and emotional abuse**

The crew hears from Victoria who shares her story of 20 years of eating disorders and trauma and how she was able to survive, recover, and thrive. Victoria is a food freedom and body love coach, an inspirational speaker, podcast host and a writer. She’s here to show you how to find food freedom, become besties with your body, and most importantly, fall in love with yourself.

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Nourish yourself with weekly
food freedom & body love yumminess

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