How scalar light can heal you with Tom Paladino

Get ready to believe in miracles with Tom Paladino

 A special episode for you Queen’s today as it’s a little different to our usual vibe… however you all know I’m into anything that is considered woo-woo and the quantum physicals to back it up…

so I have a Tom Paladino with me today who is a scalar light researcher. He’s going to explain the magic of scalar light and how it’s changing the world as we know it!

Here are the questions I asked Tom:

1)   Where does scalar energy originate and describe its nature?

2)   What is the difference between scalar energy and electromagnetic energy?

3)   How does scalar energy transmute matter?

4)   How does scalar energy / Scalar Light turn on the ability to form our own nutrients?

5)   How does scalar energy allow you to enhance the energetic state of being by way of their photograph?

6)   What is the future of scalar energy and how will its acceptance serve to change the world for the better?

7)   What unique experiences have you witnessed when working with

       scalar energy in your laboratory?

8)   Explain how scalar energy is everywhere in the universe and thus transcends time and


9)  Explain how scalar energy is the cause of time.

10)  Explain how scalar energy assembles and maintains all physical forms.

11)  Explain how scalar energy can be utilized as an unlimited supply of energy and put an

        end to the energy crisis.

12) Explain how scalar energy is not bound by time or distance.

13) Explain how Scalar Light balances the 7 major chakras and the 12 meridian points.

14) Help us understand how scalar energy is the cause of gravity.

15) Describe how scalar energy is to human enhancement as photosynthesis is to plants.

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