Live unrestricted with Sabrina Magnan

I have Sabrina with me today!

Sabrina Magnan is a Food Freedom & Intuitive Eating Coach, helping chronic dieters heal their relationship with food & their bodies, and develop realistic health-promoting habits that stick.

Through her own battle with orthorexia, disordered eating, body dysmorphia and yo-yo dieting, she deeply understands what it’s like to have your entire life revolve around food & your body.

After discovering what actually works to stop feeling out of control around food, feel at peace in your body and create a life you’re in love with, Sabrina now works with women all over the world to help them stop dieting and rediscover a way of eating that’s enjoyable, guilt-free and rooted in nourishment and self-love, instead of restriction and punishment.

What to expect in this episode

Can you share your story and how you ended up becoming a food freedom coach?

What are the symptoms of orthorexia and how can someone start to come out of that?

What is body dysmorphia and how does one know that they have it?

Can body dysmorphia ever be fully healed?

How can one handle bad body image days?

And much more!

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Nourish yourself with weekly
food freedom & body love yumminess

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