Part 1: Answering Listeners’ Questions with Myself & Sabrina Magnan

In this empowering episode, join us on a journey of self-discovery and body positivity as we delve into the transformative experience of embracing body freedom and challenging fears. 🌈✨

Key Points:

1. Challenging Fear and Negative Thoughts (18:01.3 – 19:01.0):

  • Examining fears related to gaining weight.
  • Advising listeners to question the truth behind these fears and seek evidence to counter negative thoughts.
  • Acknowledging that the brain’s attempt to keep us safe can lead to irrational fears.

2. Exploring Weight Gain and Loss Stories (19:01.3 – 19:56.1):

  • Reflecting on personal experiences with weight gain and loss.
  • Encouraging a shift in focus from physical changes to emotional well-being.
  • Emphasizing the importance of recognizing and challenging conditioned stories about body image.

3. Connecting Feelings to Body Image (20:03.0 – 21:02.8):

  • Exploring the emotional aspect of body image and the pursuit of certain feelings.
  • Highlighting the role of childhood trauma in shaping body image perceptions.
  • Stressing the significance of finding support to navigate and change negative self-perceptions.

4. The Pursuit of a Feeling, Not a Body (21:02.9 – 22:02.5):

  • Discussing the motivation behind pursuing a smaller body and the desire for certain feelings.
  • Reflecting on the cost of achieving a preferred body size and the importance of self-love.

5. Evaluating What You Truly Want (22:02.8 – 23:02.5):

  • Emphasizing the need to question the motivations behind wanting a smaller body.
  • Highlighting that societal opinions about one’s body are often not as significant as personal perceptions.
  • Encouraging listeners to prioritize self-acceptance over external validation.

6. The Illusion of External Validation (23:02.8 – 24:02.7):

  • Sharing personal experiences with body image and the realization that external validation does not lead to true happiness.
  • Reflecting on the disconnect between body size and self-love.
  • Encouraging listeners to question societal norms and expectations.

7. Body Image Lives in the Mind (24:02.7 – 25:02.7):

  • Exploring the mental aspect of body image.
  • Personal experiences revealing that body dissatisfaction was not resolved by achieving a smaller size.
  • Stressing the importance of addressing body image issues at the psychological level.

8. Freedom Over External Opinions (25:02.7 – 26:02.6):

  • Encouraging listeners to consider the transience of external opinions.
  • Highlighting the freedom that comes with prioritizing self-love and acceptance.
  • Emphasizing the need to live in the present and value personal happiness over societal expectations.

9. Choosing Freedom Every Time (26:02.8 – 27:48.7):

  • Reflecting on the fleeting nature of life and the insignificance of external opinions.
  • Choosing freedom over societal expectations and living in the present.
  • Teasing the possibility of a Part 2 for more in-depth discussions and audience engagement.


  • Expressing gratitude to listeners for their support and inviting them to share their stories and questions.
  • Teasing a Part 2 for a deeper exploration of the topic.


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