Part 2: Answering Listeners’ Questions with Myself & Sabrina Magnan

I’m beyond excited to welcome you back for the second part of an incredible Q&A session with myself and Sabrina. Get ready for some real talk on overcoming eating disorders and finding a healthier connection with food.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s waiting for you

  1. Personal Journeys: I open up about my transformative journey, dealing with multiple eating disorders, and the game-changing power of wanting to recover.
  2. Mindset Shifts: Sabrina shares valuable insights on the mindset shifts crucial in the recovery journey – detached goals and the beauty of practising patience.
  3. Exercise Compulsion: Dive into breaking free from exercise compulsion. Discover the significance of intention and truly connecting with your body.
  4. Sugar Addiction Misconceptions: Let’s debunk the myths around sugar addiction. Understand the importance of giving yourself emotional permission.
  5. Diversifying Joy: I’ll be encouraging you to explore joy beyond food – finding balance and fulfilment in various aspects of life.

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Nourish yourself with weekly
food freedom & body love yumminess

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