Reclaiming your cycle & uncovering the absolute root cause with Parris Hodges

No words

I’ve been sitting here for far too long now trying to sum up this episode in words for you Queens’ and I just can’t do it… so I’m not even going to try!

All I will say is that if you’re interested in uncovering the absolute root cause of any of your health conditions then you’ll get so much out of this episode.

Enjoy beauties!

About Parris

Parris Hodges is a Root Cause Protocol Practitioner based in Northern California. As a practitioner, she supports clients with mineral balancing and reclaiming their cycle. This includes supporting those with endometriosis, anaemia and estrogen dominance.

She hosts the Parris Hodges Podcast, a space for conversations rooted in the curiosity about these divinely created bodies and this human experience as a whole. The podcast is a space to explore all the complexity and nuance of existence, along with conversations with individuals she considers to be great investigators of our bodies.


Download the handbook and learn more about the Root Cause Protocol 


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Nourish yourself with weekly
food freedom & body love yumminess

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