Science-based intuitive eating with Victoria Evans

In this episode, I’m joined by the amazing Victoria Evans. 

Victoria Evans began her career in the corporate world with a prominent Fortune 500 company in the beauty industry in Montreal. 

During this time, her challenges related to eating disorders, mental health,  extreme dieting and overexercising became a catalyst for creating a solution to an issue millions of women deal with today. 

As a successful Intuitive Eating Coach, she is disrupting the wellness industry through her fundamentally science-based approach. 

Victoria helps countless women heal their relationship with food by optimizing their mindset for happier and healthier lifestyles. 

She currently resides in Canada while providing solutions to women through her online coaching programs.

Victoria shares her knowledge on:

  • Her story, her eating disorders, how she faced suicide at 16 years old and how she grew into the successful coach she is today.
  • Advice for those warning to start a food freedom journey but being petrified of weight gain.
  • Weight set point theory
  • Intuitive eating from a science-backed perspective 
  • Sugar addiction
  • Gentle nutrition 
  • Sh*t loads of tips to improve body image
  •  Self -love
  • And more!

Connect with Victoria: 



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