Weight Loss Coach UK

“I’m obsessed with helping women to know that they’re enough exactly as they are, to heal their relationship with food & their body whilst falling madly in love with themselves!”

As a weight loss coach (working with women from the UK and anywhere in the world) I can help you to completely transform your life, even if you might think it won’t work for you!

👆 Sounds like a bold statement to make I know, but it’s the truth… but don’t just take my word for it. The power of coaching is unimaginable.

If you decide that 1:1 coaching is a good fit for you, here’s what it would look like to enter into a coaching relationship together:

I work with women for a minimum of 3 months and let me tell you – your happiness, how you feel in your body, your self-confidence and life can completely change in this time period – if you’re willing to do the inner work. All you have to do is to trust me and implement the action steps from our coaching, I’ll do the rest.

As a weight loss coach (working with women from the UK and anywhere in the world)

After working with me;

  • You will no longer be a slave to counting calories, points or macros (👋🏼  my fitness pal!)
  • You will be saying 🖕🏼 to food guilt & living in food freedom
  • You will be eating what you want when you want & saying yes to or no to your favourite foods depending on how you feel & what your goals are.
  • You will be confident in lovingly trusting your own body and intuition to guide you on what to eat and how much.
  • You will be fully accepting of your body exactly as it is now – and if you become smaller or bigger in the future.
  • You will be at – or on your way to – your healthiest set point weight. Which is a weight that is natural and comfortable for you – when you are nourishing yourself through food, movement and your lifestyle choices.
  • You will be saying YES to yourself and doing all the things that you’ve been putting on hold “until you’ve lost weight”.
  • You will be wearing what you want & feeling comfortable & confident in your body 
  • You’ll be having sex with the lights ON & no longer be constantly worrying about what your body looks like.
  • You’ll be saying goodbye to relationships that don’t serve you and you’ll be receiving the ones that do.
  • You will be confidently showing up in the world as yourself – unapologetically – and you will feel so god damn free and bursting with love for yourself that you won’t quite believe what’s happened!

Ask yourself/journal on this:

“What would I be doing if I wasn’t spending so much time hating my body or obsessing over food?” 

“What would my life be like if I had the self-confidence to follow every one of my desires?”

Everything and anything is possible, my love.

My coaching packages are completely tailored to the individual and consist of regular coaching calls, unlimited WhatsApp support, transformational “homework”, an online program – which includes 3 months worth of content in the form of audios, workbooks, journaling etc and extra resources from me throughout.

You literally become “my person to serve”.

I am so confident of the results you will achieve throughout coaching that I offer a lifetime guarantee. Ask me for more details during our consultation call.

The way I coach, along with the immense energy and love I give to each and every client during the entire duration of our coaching relationship, ensures a radical transformation. I bring enormous value to my clients’ lives and after working with me you will understand what I mean.

I get results by being present in your life all the time that we work together. As I’ve said, you become “my person to serve”🤗

Before we embark on our journey together, I ask you to have an open heart and an open mind and be ready to commit to taking bold action – with my full support and guidance. By doing so, you can personally experience what it truly feels like to be living in true food freedom, be happy in your own skin, live in unshakable self-confidence, build and deepen meaningful relationships and live (and love) your life that will be bursting with self-love!

If you’re ready to claim all of the above for yourself, to take back your power, and embody the rebel Queen within then let’s talk.

I also offer group coaching for food freedom and body image. We can talk about all the possible ways we can work together during our consultation call.

Trust that inner voice telling you what you actually already know: you too can create an extraordinary, healthy, free and fulfilling life for yourself. All you have to do is hire your very own weight loss coach to take you there.

My coaching is not limited. See all of the areas that I coach in