Online Programmes

Below, you will find two available programs: The Body Love Bite and The Body Love Binge. I offer a money-back guarantee for all my online programs, so you genuinely have nothing to lose apart from feeling crazy around food!

Who is The Body Love Bite for?

The Body Love Bite is designed for someone who wants to dip their toe into the world of food freedom and body love before fully committing to The Body Love Binge. It’s an excellent starting point if you want to get to know me better and see if you’re prepared to put in the necessary work to achieve total freedom and self-love. The Body Love Bite includes access to my free support group on Facebook and does not include coaching or additional resources.

Who is The Body Love Binge for?

The Body Love Binge is intended for someone who is ready to fully engage in their journey toward food freedom and body love. It’s for the woman ready to invest her time, energy, and money and do the inner work required to attain her goals. The Body Love Binge program includes monthly group coaching calls, weekly support from me, additional resources, and a wealth of fantastic content already available in a support group (outside of social media) filled with amazing women.

The Body Love BITE

The Body Love Bite provides a lasting taste (pun intended) of food freedom and body love. This program alone can significantly improve your relationship with food and your body.

Get well on your way to food freedom & body love (16+ hours of content) for only €99!

The Body Love BINGE

The Body Love Binge is chock-a-block with everything you need to fast from food fuckery, detox from diet culture and cleanse body hate out of your system! (60+ hours of content)

Includes monthly group coaching & a highly supportive private group for those stuck in disordered eating patterns & body image struggles.

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Do you prefer daily support & coaching?

Then consider 1:1 coaching, where you become ‘my person’ to be served, loved, and supported throughout your journey to food freedom and body love