I work with...

I specialize in working with high-achieving, busy women who excel in every aspect of their lives. If they were ever labeled ‘average,’ it would be the most significant insult imaginable. These women are dedicated perfectionists who never settle for anything less. When they commit to something, they go all in. They fear failure, and if things don’t go perfectly, they often unconsciously or purposely self-sabotage, choosing to fail because failure doesn’t ‘happen’ to them. To others, they might appear as extremists, and words like ‘obsessed’ and ‘addicted’ are often used to describe their unwavering ‘passion’ for their pursuits.

My clients include CEOs, business owners, and women who gracefully balance full-time careers with the responsibilities of motherhood, all while continuing to thrive in their professional lives.

You are...

You may be an overachiever, but you might not see yourself that way because nothing you do ever seems good enough. You’re incredibly hard on yourself, your own harshest critic, always striving for perfection, especially when it comes to your food choices and your body. Your thinking tends to be black-or-white, with no room for anything in between.

You might find yourself trapped in the torment of restriction, unable to escape, or caught in relentless cycles of restriction, bingeing, and purging, or just bingeing.

If you’re dealing with anorexia or orthorexia, you’re paralyzed by your relationship with food. Your entire life revolves around restriction, compulsive exercise, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors related to what and when you can eat. This kind of behavior keeps you living in constant anxiety and fear.

On the other hand, if you’re in the restrict-binge-purge cycle, you might “fall off the wagon” and find yourself knee-deep in chocolate. You indulge in all the foods you’ve previously banned, often to excess. You eat even when you’re full, almost forcing yourself because you know another diet is looming on Monday, so you feel the need to consume it all now (a phenomenon I refer to as the ‘last supper syndrome’). You might engage in self-induced vomiting or use laxatives to ‘cleanse’ yourself of the ‘wrong’ you feel you’ve done. Sometimes, you’ll compensate by excessive exercise the next day.

This cycle repeats, and you start to feel terrible about yourself, making promises to stick to your plans and truly believing you’ll succeed. However, cravings hit you like a ton of bricks, and you cave in again. With every diet that you go on and fail, you trust yourself less to stick to anything. It seems like you’ve completely lost your ability to maintain a diet.

Regardless of what eating disorder you identify with...

You might feel like a colossal failure. You despise the way you look—the size of your thighs, tummy, arms, bum, face; you can fill in the blank. You feel unhealthy and awful in your body, yearning to shed these dreadful feelings of despair, failure, and self-loathing. Simultaneously, you don’t believe you’re worthy of shedding these feelings, and self-love seems unimaginable.

Constantly, you compare yourself to other women who appear slimmer, leaner, fitter, prettier, or whatever-er, and you can’t seem to stop. Even watching a movie makes you envious of the beautiful women with amazing bodies, leaving you feeling utterly inadequate.

If you find yourself caught in the restrict-binge-purge (or no purge) cycle, you know that you’ve successfully stuck to diets countless times before. You question why you can’t summon the same willpower this time, which makes you feel like something is wrong with you.

If you’re dealing with anorexia or orthorexia, you understand that you need to climb out of that hellish hole, confront your food fears, eat, and rest to recover and thrive in life, not merely survive. Once again, you feel like something is wrong with you.

Spoiler alert: There’s nothing wrong with you; you just think there is. But I truly understand because I’ve been there too. I promise there’s a way out.

If you want to break free from the constant grip of food and body thoughts, consider booking a consultation call with me. It could be the best decision you’ve ever made, and I don’t say that lightly.

(Just to note, I also work with teenagers, as long as they’re willing to recover. Additionally, I understand the challenges of living with a loved one with an eating disorder, so I offer support and guidance to parents and partners facing such situations).

Areas that I can help you with:

Food freedom

Body love

If hating your body & restricting ‘worked’, wouldn’t you be happy by now?

Women turn to me when they’re ready to release the chains of calorie counting, restriction, binge eating, purging, and their all-consuming preoccupation with food and their bodies. They recognize that their current way of life is not only exhausting but also unfulfilling. They yearn to embrace food freedom and body love, yet they’re uncertain how to achieve it. Despite trying everything, they feel stuck.

I wholeheartedly serve these women, without doubting their potential for success, because I’ve walked the same path and emerged free. My clients and I are living proof that it’s achievable for you too, especially with my support, guidance, knowledge, and love.

It’s perfectly okay if you don’t fully believe this will work for you when you first come to me. I will believe for both of us until you do as well.

Most women remain trapped in eating disorders their entire lives, constantly wishing they were thinner and trying to be good enough. True happiness eludes them. On their deathbeds, they often reflect with regret on their lives. That’s not the fate of my clients.

But you might be wondering, ‘Can it really work for ME?’…

If I had a euro for every time someone said that to me… I understand, truly. 🙏🏼 The number of times you’ve made promises to start recovery tomorrow or embarked on diets only to feel like you’ve ‘failed.’ Or how often you’ve asked your partner not to let you eat chocolate (or fill in the blank), only to end up eating it in secret, feeling resentful and hating yourself even more…

I’ve been in your shoes, and I genuinely believed that nothing could ever work for me. After all, I had spent over 20 years the way I was around food. I believed I was so fucked up with food and only able to like my body and myself when I was slim that there was nothing that could help me.

But here I am, fully enjoying food freedom and overflowing with self-love! I’m certain that you can be here too. All you need to do is trust in me and the process, show up, do the work, and you’ll attain food freedom and body love.

If I could offer you a taste of what it’s like to live in complete food freedom and body love, any doubts in your mind about starting this journey would vanish. Full recovery from eating disorders and disordered eating goes far beyond what you might imagine. It brings mental relaxation and a shift in perception that transforms your world from a place of anxiety to one of bliss.

So, ultimately, the question isn’t, ‘Can this work for you?’ It’s, ‘Are you ready to truly embrace food freedom and body love?’

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Have you had enough of fighting with yourself?

Are you ready to finally feel normal around food and to love yourself without constantly wishing you were thinner?