1:1 Coaching

If restricting & hating your body ‘worked’, wouldn’t you be at your goal weight by now?

My 1:1 coaching is the highest level of support I offer. I have limited availability because I only take on a small number of aligned 1:1 clients at a time to ensure the highest level of support. I am so confident in what I do that I also offer a money-back guarantee on all of my programs including 1:1 coaching.

Whether you’re trapped in the depths of an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating), struggling with self-love and body confidence, or simply aware that you’re holding yourself back from being your authentic self, I’m here for you!

In 1:1 coaching, we dive deep to uncover the root of your obstacles, release what no longer serves you, and pave the way for a life beyond your wildest dreams. Modalities include talk therapy, emotional release, inner child healing, meditations, visualizations, body talk, CBT, energy healing, NLP, and intuitive coaching, mentoring, and guidance.

1:1 coaching includes lifetime access to The Body Love Binge program and (lifelong) group coaching, 4 months of 1:1 coaching with regular video coaching sessions, and WhatsApp support.

1:1 coaching is life-changing in every conceivable way!

Working with me will have you transitioning from

You’ll be fasting from food fuckery. Detoxing from diet culture and cleansing body hate out of your system!

Private coaching includes...


4 months of private coaching & mentoring

I’ll be by your side, supporting you, guiding you, and holding you accountable every step of the way. I’m an endless well of unconditional love and compassion, and that also includes a dose of tough love!

We monitor your progress in numerous ways so you can witness your growth throughout your journey.


1:1 video coaching sessions

We’ll connect on Zoom via video to delve deeply into what you’re experiencing as you progress through this journey. The time we invest in these sessions will be nothing short of transformational, so be prepared! Following each session, you’ll receive clear action steps to put into practice, propelling your progress forward.


Between sessions WhatsApp support

Think of me as your pocket voicenote coach—this is invaluable! Whenever you need support or have questions you’d like answered, I’m here for you. This is something that traditional therapy often lacks but is essential for your journey.


Exclusive 1:1 client program

I’ve developed a profoundly transformative 6-week program exclusively for 1:1 clients. The one-on-one support is essential as you navigate the content here, and you’ll soon understand why if we work together.


Extra resources from me throughout that are tailored to your exact needs

Since you become ‘my person’ to serve, I’ll create meditations tailored to your needs, provide you with personalized journal prompts, and share books, podcasts, and video recommendations that are specifically tailored to you and your unique circumstances.


YOU, enveloped 24/7 in my fierce love, wisdom, support, and life-changing knowledge.

Having someone who truly ‘gets it’ there for you 24/7, energetically holding a safe and sacred space as you embark on this journey to food freedom and body love, is truly unparalleled.


The Body Love Binge program for lifetime access

This program alone is packed with incredible value, offering approximately 60+ hours of content. Think of it as your ‘educational buffet,’ open 24/7. It is chock-a-block with everything you need to fast from food fukery, detox from diet culture and cleanse body hate out of your system! You can consume as much as you'd like in either bite-sized chunks or a full-on binge. Second helpings are welcome and encouraged here!

You’ll be working through these modules in tandem with our coaching sessions, and I’ll set targets for module completion. Depending on your needs at any given moment, I may recommend jumping ahead to specific modules.


Monthly group coaching calls

Every month, even after our 1:1 coaching concludes, you’ll have the opportunity to receive coaching directly from me within a group setting.


Lifetime membership in my private community

This private support group is exclusively for current and former clients.

Within this space, you’ll be surrounded and supported by other women who are on a similar journey or have already successfully traversed the path to food freedom and body love. It’s a private haven for daily support, and I’m there to celebrate, love, and support you as well. You’ll have immediate access to all previous group coaching calls, private podcasts, and a wealth of resources to assist you.

This group is hosted on a private platform, intentionally separated from social media—a serene and secure space for ongoing support, even after our 1:1 coaching container concludes.


Optional in-person self-love day.

The entire day is on me. Get ready to be pampered, put all your body image work to the test, and, of course, have loads of fun!

What to expect after working with me...

You’ll no longer be a slave to the scales, counting calories, points, syns or macros & you'll break out of your restrictive prison.

You’ll no longer be consumed with food thoughts 24 7.

You’ll be eating what you want when you want & you'll be nourishing yourself because you'll want to. Bye bye crazy binges.

You’ll be confident in lovingly trusting your own body & intuition to guide you on what to eat & how much.

Food being a fun, delicious part of your life, not your whole life.

You’ll be at – or well on your way to – your healthiest set point weight. This is a natural weight for you when you’re no longer restricting or binge eating & you’re nourishing yourself through food, movement, mindset, and lifestyle choices.

You’ll be doing all the things that you’ve been putting on hold until you’ve “lost the weight” or until you "feel good enough".

You’ll be feeling comfortable & confident in your body & clothes.

You’ll no longer be constantly worrying about what your body looks like.

You’ll be saying goodbye to relationships that don’t serve you (your relationship with food & otherwise.) & you’ll be nurturing ones that do.

You’ll be confidently showing up in the world as yourself – unapologetically – and you’ll feel so liberated and free that you won’t quite believe what’s happened!

Going after your big dreams & life goals as you are no longer wasting energy obsessing over what you eat & how your body looks

But you might be wondering, ‘Can it really work for ME?’…

If I had a euro for every time someone said that to me… I understand, truly. 🙏🏼 The number of times you’ve made promises to start recovery tomorrow or embarked on diets only to feel like you’ve ‘failed.’ Or how often you’ve asked your partner not to let you eat chocolate (or fill in the blank), only to end up eating it in secret, feeling resentful and hating yourself even more…

I’ve been in your shoes, and I genuinely believed that nothing could ever work for me. After all, I had spent over 20 years the way I was around food. I believed I was so fucked up with food and only able to like my body and myself when I was slim that there was nothing that could help me.

But here I am, fully enjoying food freedom and overflowing with self-love! I’m certain that you can be here too. All you need to do is trust in me and the process, show up, do the work, and you’ll attain food freedom and body love.

If I could offer you a taste of what it’s like to live in complete food freedom and body love, any doubts in your mind about starting this journey would vanish. Full recovery from eating disorders and disordered eating goes far beyond what you might imagine. It brings mental relaxation and a shift in perception that transforms your world from a place of anxiety to one of bliss.

So, ultimately, the question isn’t, ‘Can this work for you?’ It’s, ‘Are you ready to truly embrace food freedom and body love?’

Got questions?

The value of being a 1:1 client can’t be fully expressed in words; you need to experience a call with me.
I am so confident in what what I do that I offer a money back guarantee on all of my programs including 1:1 coaching.
Working with me 1:1 represents the highest level of support I offer, and the financial investment reflects that. I only work with a small number of aligned clients at a time. If you don’t have €3,500 or more to invest in yourself (payment plans can be discussed), please consider my standalone 1:1 transformation sessions.
Our initial 60-minute consultation call to discuss what it would look like to work together is complimentary. The purpose of this meeting is threefold:
1.To get to know each other and determine if we have the right chemistry.
2.For me to fully understand your needs and desires.
3.If the fit is right, to discuss how I work and the next steps.
Please schedule a Zoom call with me here if you’d like to explore if we’re a good fit to work together 1:1.
I can’t wait to meet you!
If you’re on the fence about applying for 1:1 coaching, here’s what I’ll say:
I am so confident in what I do that I also offer a money-back guarantee on all of my programs including 1:1 coaching. The only thing standing between where you are now and where you want to be is my coaching. Truly. I know it sounds very confident, but I have the evidence from all my clients, even those who have struggled with binge eating or anorexia for over 40 years…
If your goals could become your reality in just a matter of months, what would that be worth to you?
Most likely, it’s worth far more than what I ask for in exchange.
Many of my clients have shared that they would have paid double the amount they did when they finished coaching.
All you need to do is show up, do the work, and trust me and the process.
It will be worth every minute of your time and every euro you invest.

Of course, you want to lose weight…otherwise you wouldn’t be here feeling crazy around food & hating your body! I get it. Whether you lose weight, gain weight or stay the same during this process, what I can promise you is that it won’t matter to you anymore because you’ll be gaining so much more. I mean it. This work is life-changing in every sense of the word.

If you intellectually know that dieting isn’t the answer because it just doesn’t work for you – even though you completely dislike your body as it is – we can get to work my love. So get excited because everything is about to shift for you!

While I do like the idea of intuitive eating, I have also seen and experienced how this can turn into another diet. I use some of the principles in my coaching, but what I do is very different.

This programme does not condemn nor prescribe any particular foods or food choices. Our focus will be healing your mental & emotional relationship with food, so that you can make empowered health choices for yourself without the disruptive influence of diet mentality.

If you have specific dietary requirements that have been prescribed by a health professional, this program will not interfere.

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What I do changes lives,
are you ready to change yours?

It will be the best decision you’ve ever made
and I don’t say that lightly.