Hi there, my name is Victoria!

I’m an eating disorder and abuse survivor, a food freedom and body love coach, a speaker, a podcast host, and a writer.

My purpose is to guide you on a journey to discover food freedom, cultivate a loving relationship with your body, and, most importantly, fall in love with yourself.

If you think this might sound too good to be true, I completely understand. I once felt the same way. Yet, here I am, living in food freedom, embracing self-love, and coaching women just like you to break free from the constraints of food and body struggles.

While our stories are unique, I’m no different from you at the core. I’m a woman who’s faced her share of challenges, learned how to thrive, and made it my life’s mission to help others do the same.

I’ve triumphed over childhood trauma, battled anorexia, binge eating, bulimia, and endured a six-year-long abusive relationship. Along my journey, I’ve crafted my unique signature approach called the REAL Recovery Roadmap. This roadmap is specifically designed to guide you toward authentic, lasting food freedom and self-love. Comprising five essential pillars, it’s my life’s purpose to share this transformative journey with you, because you don’t have to face this alone—I’ve got your back.

While I hold certifications in psychology, coaching and the science of nutrition, I’ve found that my qualifications are rarely the focus. People approach me because they see in me the results they desire for themselves. When I choose to work with someone I’m more interested in their journey and how they can assist me on my own path to reach the same destination. As a coach, it’s my personal experiences, my innate ability to believe in you until you believe in yourself, and my unwavering commitment to each client that empower me to serve powerfully. In the cocoon of my fierce love, support, and wisdom, transformation becomes inevitable.

My Personal Journey

In a nutshell, my story involves healing from childhood trauma, including enmeshment, abandonment, neglect, and abuse. It’s an ongoing journey of self-reparenting that I’m grateful to be on.

I’ve triumphed over anorexia, binge eating, bulimia, and an exercise addiction. For over two decades, I grappled with poor body image and eating disorders.

I survived a six-year-long domestically abusive relationship, enduring daily physical and emotional abuse while being isolated from family and friends.

When I finally left that relationship, I found myself facing a mountain of debt, unknowingly accrued in my name by my abuser.

  • My self-worth was at an all-time low, my self-love non-existent and my whole life revolved around food obsession and how fat I thought I was.
  • In the depths of anorexia, I was so terrified of food that I’d have preferred someone hold a gun to my head than offer me a meal.
  • During binge eating, I was the woman who’d put brownies in the bin only to get them back out later and eat them.
  • I’ve frantically eaten bars upon bars of chocolate in secret – in the toilet, in my car, in the broom cupboard at work – and then hid any evidence.
  • In my struggle with bulimia, I sought to compensate for my binges through laxatives, excessive exercise, and attempts to induce vomiting.
  • I’ve burst into tears of hatred and despair when I’ve looked at my body in the mirror.

Random things about me:

  • I have a (healthy) love for fitness & I’m a qualified Personal Trainer.
  • I’ve ridden horses since I was 5 and for most of my life, I’ve trained young horses and showjumped regularly.
  • I love nature & all animals & I have a ‘thing’ for trees and plants! 
  • We have a furbaby called Hero who is an Alaskan Malamute.
  • I sometimes literally cry tears of joy & gratitude for the life I have.
  • One of my superpowers is being able to cocoon others in my unconditional love as I hold them to the standard of their highest potential. 
  • I love adventure, new experiences, and taking myself on solo dates. 
  • I live in The Netherlands but I regularly visit the UK to spend time with family & friends.
  • I’m all for; quantum & metaphysics, spirituality & conspiracy theories.
  • For my fellow woo-woos: My human design; Splenic Manifestor 4/6. Starsign; Aries sun, Leo rising, Libra moon.

However, now...

I’m in a conscious and loving relationship with my husband Wouter but most importantly, I’ve built an unbreakable and unconditionally loving relationship with MYSELF and my body.

I eat whatever I want, when I want, in any amount I want. My food choices stem from a place of nourishment and pleasure. I’m healthy, confident, and fully aware of my worth. My self-love overflows, allowing me to share it generously with others.

Without the mental space consumed by food and body obsession, I’ve established my own business, manifesting my future by creating it in the present. I’m living the life of my dreams. None of this would have been possible if I were still counting almonds and weighing fucking peanut butter!

I’m a firm believer in coaching. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the profound transformations my clients have experienced, and I’ve gone through my own transformations as well. I lead by example and consistently invest in my personal growth to evolve as a coach and as a human being.

When you choose to work with me, we dive deep. Your disordered relationship with food and your body is merely a symptom of the root cause—a shit load of suppressed shame, self-love disconnection, and not recognizing your worth. I possess a unique gift for empowering women to remember their true selves—beacons of love, peace, power, and infinite potential—resulting in their return to self-love. With me, there’s no half-hearted approach to food freedom and self-love; we go all in!

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