1:1 Coaching

Not a single one of my 1:1 clients have walked away from coaching without having had a huge personal transformation… that includes the ones that thought it wouldn’t work for them!

Q – If dieting and hating your body “worked”, wouldn’t you be at your goal weight by now…? 🙃

Working 1:1 with me will get you out of the diet-binge cycle for good. You’ll be living in total food and body freedom whilst also cultivating healthful behaviours and creating a lifestyle that nourishes you in every way.

I take on a very limited number of 1:1 clients to ensure that my standard of coaching and support is kept at 101%.

If you want to feel normal around food and to love yourself without constantly wishing you were thinner, apply for a consultation call with me. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made and I don’t say that lightly.

Here’s an overview of what it would look like to enter into a 1:1 coaching relationship together:

  • I (Victoria) as your personal coach & mentor for 12 weeks
  • Twelve 60 minute weekly coaching calls over zoom video
  • WhatsApp support in between calls (voice note pocket coach!)
  • Transformational homework & action steps specifically for you & your circumstances 
  • My proven Food & Body Freedom Queen online program – which by itself is life-changing & includes 4 months worth of content in the form of audios, videos, workbooks, journaling, worksheets & written text
  • Free access to my 6-month group coaching
  • Extra resources from me throughout that are tailored to your needs.
  • YOU cocooned in my fierce love, wisdom, support & knowledge.


You literally become “my person” to serve.

The way I coach along with the immense energy and support I give to each client during the entire duration of our coaching relationship ensures a radical transformation. I bring enormous value to my clients’ lives so it is a requirement that you invest in yourself with your time, energy and money. 1:1 coaching will be worth every ounce of what you put in. After working with me you will understand why.

What to expect after working with me;

  • You will no longer be a slave to counting calories, points or macros.
  • You will be living in food freedom; physically & mentally.
  • You will be eating what you want when you want & saying yes or no to your favourite foods. You’ll be able to do this because you’ll have taken your power back from food!
  • You will be confident in lovingly trusting your own body and intuition to guide you on what to eat and how much.
  • You will be fully accepting of your body.
  • You will be at – or well on your way to – your healthiest set point weight. This is a natural weight for you when you’re no longer binge eating or dieting and you’re nourishing yourself through food, movement, and lifestyle choices.
  • You will be saying YES to yourself and doing all the things that you’ve been putting on hold “until you’ve lost weight”.
  • You will be wearing what you want & feeling comfortable & confident in your body.
  • You’ll no longer be constantly worrying about what your body looks like during sex or at the beach.
  • You’ll be saying goodbye to relationships that don’t serve you (your relationship with food & otherwise!) and you’ll be nurturing ones that do.
  • You will be confidently showing up in the world as yourself – unapologetically – and you’ll feel so liberated and free that you won’t quite believe what’s happened!


If you’re ready to claim all of the above for yourself, take your power back from food, and embody the confident Queen within, apply now for 1:1 coaching.

My coaching is not limited to food and body. See all of the areas that I coach in