Finding authentic self-love when you don’t like the skin you’re in – with Alexandra Carter

I have Alexandra Carter who is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor with me today. ✨Alexandra helps you to cultivate the best version of yourself with an anti-diet, HAES approach.

I absolutely LOVED this conversation and I just know that you will take so much away from it. Alexandra went into depth with her answers to my questions and we share so much of the same views within this work.

Here are the questions I asked:

How did you end up being of service to women in the anti-diet space?

How to start with intuitive eating?

Do you recommend the same principles for a “newbie” intuitive eater compared to an established intuitive eater?

How can we master honouring our bodies signals?

Can someone be an intuitive eater and lose weight?

Can you speak to the worry of failure during intuitive eating?

How does one start seeing their body as their teammate?

What does authentic self-love mean to you and how do you help your clients to cultivate this?

How can we see past our own self-judgments towards our body’s and love ourselves through them?

What does it really mean to be healthy at every size?

How can people work with you and connect with you?

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